Saturday, May 15, 2021

A day downtown, part 1: Monet

 When I retired seven years ago I thought I'd go downtown (Chicago) frequently. That hasn't happened -- and certainly not this past year.  The lure of TWO terrific exhibits at the Art Institute (and the fact that I've been fully vaccinated, to say nothing of feeling cabin-cribbed and confined) emboldened me.  The commuter train was uncrowded.

The Monet exhibit concentrated on paintings acquired by Chicagoans who were early collectors of his work -- Mr. and Mrs. Potter Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ryerson, and Annie Swan Coburn.  

For more about these collectors:  here

It's still hard for me to realize that the Impressionists were considered avant-garde.  

 This snapshot refers to a prior Monet exhibit.  I remembered "Monet in the 90's" which was at both the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and at the Art Institute.  Though I lived in Maine at the time I saw that exhibit at AIC when I was in Chicago for the ALA conference.  [When I googled to verify the dates I found out that there have been a number of Monet exhibits. He was prolific!] 

I also saw some AIC favorites.  


Elle said...

So jealous of your excursion to see 2 fabulous exhibits! Thank you for sharing photos. (nothing like this every comes near Boise.)

Sara said...

It would be wonderful to live close enough to somewhere with really great art exhibits. Unfortunately I live too far from EVERYWHERE.

Quiltdivajulie said...

When I was in Philadelphia many years back (for a conference), I had time to visit their art museum and savor a huge gallery filled with Monet's paintings. It was glorious.