Monday, December 21, 2020

Weekly update: the solstice, some sewing, some reading

The first day of winter!   The sun was behind the clouds at 7:13 a.m.   The sandy bluff where I usually take sunrise pictures, such as the one six months ago for the summer solstice, is closed to vehicles for the season.  Thus this photo overlooks the empty boat slips at North Point Marina

I took the photo on the right on my Sunday afternoon walk.  The ravine is at the end of our street. The creek flows to the park adjacent to the marina. 

In the studio:  

Grassy Creek, clue 4. 

I've made 17 out of the projected 20 9P churn dash blocks.  I hope to get these to the flimsy stage this week. 

 I got the ARC (advance reader copy) of Kendra Atleework's memoir at ALA Midwinter; it was published in June.    It's a fierce and loving tribute to place and to family.   The place is Bishop, California, in the Sierras -- the water source for Los Angeles.  The family are her father, her mother (who died when Kendra was 16), and her sister and brother. Atleework went to college in Los Angeles and to graduate school in Minnesota (where the green-ness was astounding and disconcerting) -- and finally returned to Bishop. 

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Bonnie said...

Grassy Creek pieces look good. And, you aren't far from the 20 9P churn dash you want. I like what you've got going so far. On the other hand I like churn dash blocks no matter what extras are added. I'll have to se if that book is available in our library --my cousin lives in Bishop. It might be interesting to read more about the area. Christmas is going to be a another quiet holiday for us. Hoping you have a nice holiday. We've simplified from our normal turkey to Heavenly Ham slices -- not even a full ham!

Kat Scribner said...

Love your 9 patch churn dashes, Nann. Are they 12 " finished?

AnnieO said...

Love the marina and creek pics. Our marina is chock full of boats, many live-aboard. Your Grassy Creek blocks look good, and the churn dash with nine patch, two favorites mixed that always charm.

Hope to get a minute to check on the Great Event in the sky today. I got a pic two days ago, blurry!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

There's such beautiful and different light this time of year! I always enjoy seeing where you walk. Your 9 patch churn dashes are coming right along! Have a lovely Christmas, Nann!

cityquilter grace said...

loving those churn dash blocks!

Ann said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. It’s in my queue for the holidays.

KatieQ said...

I really like the 9 patch Churn Dash blocks. They will make a great quilt.

Ellie said...

Love the nine patch churn dashes but then you can’t go wrong with nine patches and churn dashes! Happy New Year!