Sunday, July 28, 2019

Saturday field trip: Arts & Crafts at Crab Tree Farm

Crab Tree Farm is on the east side of Sheridan Rd. on the north side of Lake Bluff.  I've driven passed it many times.  On Saturday I finally got to go inside the gate when I joined six AAUW friends for a tour hosted by the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation.

These pages explain the history.   I learned about Grace Durand earlier this year in a presentation about women in Lake County history.  Here is much more about her. (Her entry in the 1914 Woman's Who's Who of America says she believes in "restricted suffrage for men and women." What restrictions, I wonder?) 

 Crab Tree Farms' current owners have significant collections of Arts and Crafts furniture and accessories -- the genuine article, no reproductions!  Unfortuately interior  photography was not allowed so I could not capture all the wonderful design elements (stencilled walls, wallpaper, Charles Rennie Mackintosh-inspired embroidery). 

Well, I did sneak some inside pictures.  (Don't turn me in, please.) 

There is an exhibit of Newcomb Pottery -- again, no photography allowed.  If you watch Antiques Roadshow you are familiar with the pottery workshop at Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans.

This article shows photos of the pottery and needlework in the Newcomb exhibit.

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