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Monday, June 19, 2017

AAUW, part II: history at HQ

AAUW moved into a new headquarters last summer. The preconference for state program vice presidents was held there. I took photos of some of the historical displays, though I forgot to take pictures of the actual office and conference areas.  (Take my word for it: they are light and airy and spacious.)
 In the early years this trunk served as the office for the Association of Collegiate Alumnae (predecessor of AAUW).

 Convention memorabilia.

1929 -- post-convention cruise
 1981 Centennial

This year's convention was digitally recorded.
(Here is an example.)

This is an analog recording, aka a record!, from 1945.

 Silver medal awarded for "charts, statistics, and photographs illustrating the higher education of  women."

Pres. Coolidge was front and center in 1929.  Look at the hats! 
And note the absence of security personnel. 

 Marion Talbot, in the center, was AAUW's founder.

The letters from the old headquarters, now installed inside in the new HQ. 


  1. ooooh coolidge looks a tad uncomfortable! great photos and momentos...

  2. What a neat presentation of the history. I had no idea AAUQ was founded in 1881. Thanks for sharing. I always seem to learn something new in your posts!


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