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Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekly update: books, a finish, and an alternative

"Our guild inherited a quilter's estate," Nancy S. told me. "I have boxes of her books in my garage and I need to get them out." I said I'd take them off her hands.

When I unpacked the boxes I counted 275 books plus a couple of patterns. The newest  are from the early 2000's. Most are from the 1990's. Some of the how-to books predate the rotary cutter. (I like to look up the authors of those to see if they are still quilting. Some are.) There are exhibit catalogs and state quilt history books.  I'm slowly going through them (many I own, or I once owned).  I've already sold several.  [If you're interested:  $30, postpaid, for a medium-sized flat rate box containing 20-25 books -- potluck (no requests for the time being).]

The Whatchagot Box arrived.  The swap is easy: send quilty stuff you no longer love ("what you've got") to one person and receive new-to-you stuff from another.  I sent a box to Sharon earlier in the month. Corinne sent me this wonderful assortment of fabric (about 25 yds). I'm counting what I received as an even exchange for what I sent.

The daisy wallhanging is finished except for the binding. That job is  going to my fellow P.E.O. quilter since this wallhanging is for a chapter sister who is moving away.


I may not give this to that sister.  The reason?
 It is large:  29 x 39.  What if the recipient has no space to display it?  If it were half that size, or even 2/3 that size . . .

I've turned my thoughts to making a lap quilt.  I made one daisy block in purple, the January Rainbow Scrap Challenge color, and then got on to other projects.  Last evening I cut petals out of fusible web and made three more blocks by the time the Brontes on Masterpiece ended.

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P.S. I finished physical therapy last Thursday. My right foot is back to its pre-surgery size and I've regained flexibility.  I will have the left foot done later in 2017.


  1. Those daisies are so cute and happy! What a great idea for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

  2. I hope you regain full strength in your foot soon. Looks like the daisies hit the ground running :-D They will make a cheerful and lovely lap quilt, I am sure.

  3. Your Daisy quilt is perfect for spring. It makes me smile. :)

  4. I love those daisies. They are so colourful and happy.

  5. Those daisies make me happy to look at them!

  6. I love old quilting books. They are so fun to look at. The daisies are very pretty. That will make a lovely lap quilt.

  7. Would you care to share which state quilt history books and exhibit catalogs you're selling, please. I'm trying to collect as many different ones as I can find. Thanks a bunch!

    1. It will be a while until I get to that stack. If you provide your email address then I can let you know.

  8. Hum, 275 quilting books. I always feel much better about my quilting stuff when I read someone had so many books. Surely I only have 150 or so. Ha! I have no clue. Maybe it would be smart to start letting go some of the books I don't use and probably never will. I really like the daisy wall hanging. But I understand your reasoning. So the new daisy blocks will work well as a lap quilt. Could you use some pieced blocks in between?


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