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Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly update: Purim, fundraisers, and snow!

It was our turn to host the church fellowship luncheon yesterday.  It was also Purim, the Jewish holiday commemorating Queen Esther and the rescue of the Jews from being massacred back in the 4th century BCE.

Hamantaschen are a traditional Purim treat. The triangular filled cookies commemorate the defeat (execution) of the wily antisemitic Haman. (The word translates either as Haman's pockets or Haman's ears.)  My friend Celia provided the recipe and recommended using canned filling (poppyseed and apricot).  I didn't have a 3" cookie cutter so I emptied a can of green beans and used the rim.

Though not all of them held their shape, they taste delicious!

Image may contain: foodReading the Book of Esther is a Purim tradition. A scroll (the original format) is a megillah -- so "the whole megillah" refers to reading, or reciting, the entire story.

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The Zion Conservatory of Music / Zion Woman's Club fundraiser on Saturday was a nice event.  Conservatory students (ages 7 through 18) played during the luncheon.  I donated the two tote bags  I showed last week (my March OMG) along with pre-publication books from ALA Midwinter [see the final photo in the post] and Scrappy Detour .  Fortunately for my pocketbook I was outbid on other silent auction items. (I didn't really need them.)  That savings was counterbalanced by the raffle tickets I bought for the 50/50 and gift baskets at Saturday morning's Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast.  (I didn't win.)

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I made only 11 Ohio Star blocks for the QOV project this week.  I'm determined to use only stash for the 365 blocks. The red and blue prints are easy.  I'm digging deeper to find white or very light cream (WOW and COC are okay).

Here's my new project.  The table runner will be the Zion Woman's Club door prize donation for the GFWC-Illinois state convention.  The pattern is from one of Kim Schaefer's books.  Scrappy batiks are such fun to work with!  (The outer border hasn't been sewn, hence the "tail" at the lower right corner.)

I presented Every Quilt Tells a Story to the Gurnee Woman's Club last Monday evening. This evening I'm giving the program to the AAUW Riverside Branch, about 60 miles away.  After the least-snowy January and February in years, look at what's happening today! I hope by the afternoon the traffic will have beaten down most of the snow.

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  1. Love your cookies! How cool to make something for historical!

  2. oh my word. The "ears" look so delish. I learned a lot from your post today, so thank you for that! Learning is good! Hope you were able to get to your gig through the snow. We may get some tonight, the first of the season not counting flurries. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. mmm cookies look good...and such a springy tablerunner! we've had no snow all winter but now...can u say 14" or so? my mum in maine is anticipating 20+ inches....eeeeek!

  4. Looks like you got the snow that just sprinkled over Missouri! I want some of those delicious looking ears though maybe they need a new name to avoid thinking of cannibalism when eating them!! he he!

  5. The cookies look delicious. The table runner is so pretty. Sorry you didn't win anything.

  6. Great post. Yea for the cookies -- they do look delicious! I really like the beginning of the table runner. It just looks like spring. And, hopefully (but I'm not counting on it) this is the last blast of winter. We'll see what the world looks like when we get up tomorrow. I'm set with my regular sewing and some little extra things I am working on.

  7. The cookies look yummy! The new table runner is very cute. Hope you are able to make your presentation tomorrow. Looks like you got just a bit of snow.


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