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Saturday, March 11, 2017

A tote bag for me

  Several years ago I repurposed a library-vendor tote-bag to use for quilt guild stuff. The vendor's logo was on both sides of the bag. I made two pieced panels using screen-printed motifs from Block Party Studios to cover the logos.

The tote bag served me well but the plastic/nylon fabric wore out and the handles were about to fall off.  The pieced panels were fine. Time to make a new tote!

The 6" selvedge blocks I began last week were just right. I made 40 of them (emptying one-and-a-half gallon ziploc bags).  The tote uses 23 of them (front, back, sides,and bottom).  I reused the panels and still had some of the same red print in my stash to make the handles.

This is the fifth tote bag I've made this year. Am I on a roll?


  1. Nice looking tote. Can't have too many bags in my world.

  2. Love it - congratulations on a great finish!!

  3. Must. Not. Succumb. That looks as though it'll be sturdy enough to last for decades, and what an adorable way (and reason) to use selvedge edges!


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