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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly update: spare parts flimsy

Here's how it started.

Here's the mid-point. Note that I put bullseyes in the 16" stars.  I made two Yankee Puzzle blocks (lower right).

All the time I was in Atlanta (see previous post) I had a clear picture of the spare parts WIP back home on the design wall.

I needed something at the lower right corner to balance the dark-ish turquoise string blocks in the upper left. I then realized the top and bottom halves were off-balance.  (Mind you, I had sections sewn together when I came to these realizations.)

Here's the flimsy!

Note that the green bullseye star is lower and the Yankee Puzzle blocks were taken apart and resewn as strips.  I took out the turquoise string blocks and lightened up the corner considerably.

I auditioned several prints for the border. This picks up the overall color scheme and has some white, but not too much.

57 x 72.  I estimate 3-1/4 yards.

And of course I have many more orphan blocks and spare parts in the box.

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  1. How fun Nann! It was nice to see the changes you made as you went along. The geese and the little baskets are a wonderful addition. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. I think your spare parts are much more interesting than mine! Pretty colors, too!

  3. This is coming together very nicely, I like it a lot!
    Have a great day!

  4. This is wonderful! My orphans and left over parts aren't nearly as interesting!
    So glad your trip to Atlanta went so well and your foot issues didn't spoil your trip.

  5. Love the way this came out! I appreciate your sharing your process, too. I'm thinking a spare parts quilt will be my OMG for February.

  6. Love the colors of your quilt!!! Great job getting it all together!

  7. What a great quilt. There is certainly a lot to look at. And it really goes together well. Good job.

  8. This came out great. I was working on a "spare parts" quilt this weekend with my friend. I'll post about it after I finish sewing the last border on. And, I'm sharing your url with her so she can look at yours.

  9. Great use of those spare parts!

  10. Wonderful flimsie! Love what you did with your "spare parts". As always nothing goes to waste in quilting!

  11. Love how you melded the colors and blocks. Congrats on a very fun spare parts quilt.

  12. Nice job Man, I like the colors! Your mind works in amazing ways!

  13. Love spare parts quilts. Yours is beautiful!

  14. This is so beautiful. It is like a sampler quilt with orphan blocks. The colors are so homogenous and uniform that it looks planned.

  15. All these fabrics look so good together that it is hard to imagine these are orphan blocks. Fabulous quilt!


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