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Monday, December 26, 2016

Weekly update: Merry Christmas!

The week leading up to Christmas was quiet and uneventful at our house.  The stitches were removed from my foot and the podiatrist warned me again to "take it easy."  I kept errands to a minimum -- the library, the bank, and Wal-Mart. (I prefer to get groceries at Aldi and Jewel but I needed some non-grocery items so Wal-Mart was more efficient. We went early Thursday morning and avoided huge crowds.)

This is the third year we've used this 4' prelit tree.  It's fun to hang the ornaments each year and remember where and when we got them.

This porcelain polar bear is from our 2007 Newfoundland trip. There's a little hole in the back for one of the tree lights.  The polar bear is the Bowdoin College mascot. (My husband's alma mater.)
 I have lots of squirrels, year-round as well as Christmas. "Skiouros" is the Alpha Gamma Delta mascot. (Coincidentally this ornament is in the Alpha Gam colors of red, buff, and green.)

Christmas Eve service was at 3:00 Saturday afternoon.  That seems early but it is convenient for those who'd rather not be on the road in the evening and for others who do need to travel.   We were home in time for supper which was pasta with clam sauce, for which I used the can of clams I bought in Providence back in January. (We know from experience that souvenir food should be consumed, not saved for years.)

When Christmas Day is Sunday there's a morning church service.  This year the organist/music director told us the history of classic Christmas carols and we sang each one. The coffee hour was a "birthday party for Jesus" with party hats and cupcakes.

Gifts were minimal this year, not because of straitened circumstances but because that's just how it turned out. The New Hampshire family sent us a gift basket of comestibles that we'll enjoy.

We had "roast beast" (as the Grinch called it) for Christmas dinner.  It was accompanied by roasted root vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, beets, carrots, and onions) and broccoli slaw. Dessert was cranberry-pecan pumpkin upside-down cake.  You're welcome to come for leftovers!

My Christmas quilt -- made in 2013.

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