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Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly update: En Provence, string setting, and another scrappy start

I got caught up on all the parts for En Provence, the Quiltville mystery.  The V-block ruler is a great tool to make the isosceles triangles.

   I have two more Snapware boxes in this size to hold the next units.

 I alternated the  En Provence units with the Block Lotto pieced strings blocks.  Which were the leaders and which were the enders?   When I had about 36 string blocks on the wall I auditioned a skinny black sashing strip. Nope. I surveyed my stash and a bright Australian print (bought at the Madison show in September) popped to the top. Ah-ha!  Here's the work in progress.

The string blocks are 6.5" unf/6" fin. As shown, 54" x 66". Maybe I'll add a narrow outer border of the Aussie print. Maybe I won't.

I cut a bunch of 2" strips to 9", pieced them in fives, and trimmed the resulting blocks to 8".  Stay tuned!

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  1. Those string blocks are most interesting! A great modern quilt, the sashing fabric is perfect.

  2. It looks like you've been having fun! I like your little tubs of units.

  3. Beautiful and so well organised too!

  4. Those string blocks are fabulous! I've been eyeing them on Block Lotto and giving them a lot of thought... 8)
    Those little boxes look like a great way to keep all your pretty EP blocks organized!

  5. What a great beginning on your string block quilt. Yep the pink is wonderful with them. Ah, to be a productive as you are. I have my moments but it sure hasn't been this month. Have a joyful Christmas this year.

  6. You are on a roll! The mystery has been fun and I am enjoying seeing everyone's work. Merry Christmas and happy sewing!

  7. You made great progress on both projects. I really like the addition of the red to your string blocks, it's a very nice pop of color.


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