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Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly update: left-footed sewing and and indulgence

Our Thanksgiving weekend was pleasant and purposely uneventful:  no company, no shopping. Lots of turkey, accompanied by roasted root vegetables, our favorite cranberry relish,* green salad, and pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin puree came from one of our uncarved Halloween pumpkins. I know that pie pumpkins are sweeter but by the time I add spices and sugar to the puree it tastes just fine. And I feel thrifty.

Pepto-Bismol pink!

*It's Mama Stamberg's relish. NPR special correspondent Susan Stamberg recites it on Morning Edition the Friday before Thanksgiving.  Here is this year

Just before Thanksgiving in 1990 one of my coworkers raced into the library  saying she'd heard a great recipe on NPR on her way to work. She wrote it on a catalog card and photocopied it. I still refer to that photocopy when I make the relish. 

My right foot is healing nicely, I think. I can't see it under the splint and bandage, but the only pain I've had is in my heel because I rest my weight on it.  Well, it's not. At the post op visit this afternoon I was informed that I overused my foot this week. I need to keep it elevated and iced as much as possible.  I am scheduled to go back to the hospital at the crack of dawn Friday for a follow up procedure to realign the metatarsal.  Sigh.  However, the restriction has reminded how much I usually move around when I sew -- bending over to get fabric from the shelf, standing up at the cutting table, going to the ironing board, returning to sit at the sewing machine.  (Add to that going up and down the stairs since my studio is in the basement.)

Martingale had a warehouse sale. I indulged!  These 20 books were $5 each and free shipping. (I still have some of the quilting books I got from their warehouse sale back in the 1990's when the company was called That Patchwork Place. I remember ordering copies for myself and for the library.)

Here's my work-in-progress.  The block is a variation of Path and Stiles. Evelyn Sloppy used homespuns in her example in Forty Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts . I made it several years ago (here) .   My blocks are 9" finished.

I had two long strips of nine-patches left over from this quilt . That made shorter work for the border.

I have outer border strips cut and ready to attach.

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  1. That looks great! Yea for left over borders! I wish any of the libraries I use or have used would be interested in up to date quilting books! Although, if truth be told I don't need new inspiration right now! What site/s did you use when you sold some of your quilty stuff? I've been reading (and doing a little buying and selling) on the yahoo group Sew It's for Sale. I try like the dickens to not buy too much as I haven't got room to get all my stuff store appropriately. Heck we're finishing a room with a huge closet next to the studio so I can have more storage. Well, and to be able to have more than 2 grands come at a time. Should start this week. Yikes.

  2. Hope you continue to heal well Nann. I really like that pieced border on your quilt top. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  3. Love that quilt. I'm inspired to get my book out and look it up.,

  4. Glad to hear your foot is healing well! Life can't be allowed to get in the way of quilting! That is a lovely quilt. I have that book and have making that quilt on my bucket list. The only problem is the list is too long!

  5. Woohoo--your foot is healing nicely. Sounds like sewing with you left foot is working out. Hope for more uneventful days. I have that book too and often page through it.

  6. Hope you foot is healing rapidly. Path and Stiles is looking fabulous. I have that book too, but haven't looked at it in a while. Maybe I should dig it out, after the graduation quilts are done.


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