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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More indulgences: nutcrackers and thread

Most years on the Sunday after Thanksgiving I bring up the boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement storeroom. This year I managed to bring up two of them before my foot protested.  But I got the nutcrackers arranged on the mantel!   The greenery and mini-lights I put around their feet are still in storage. Since I am now forbidden from going up or down the stairs At All it will be a while before  I complete the arrangement.

The nutcrackers are all German-made by Erzegebirge, Steinbach, or Ulbricht.   My mother gave us four of them on four Christmases in the 80's and 90's. (By chance this year they're all on the left.)  The two on the far right were garage-sale finds. [Can you find the twins?] All of the others are from Marshall's or T. J. Maxx -- far cheaper than full price.  Those stores have a limited selection and some years they don't have any that I like.

This year I indulged and bought two!  These little guys are now in the center.  (Technically the one on the right is a smoker, not a nutcracker.)

Craftsy had a sale on selected sets of Aurifil -- $71.50, regularly $120.00 -- and free shipping.  I indulged!   The sets are named for designers who presumably use these colors -- from  left, Pat Sloan ("perfect box of neutrals"), Ann Kelle, and Angela Walters. Only one color is duplicated among the three sets.  Alas, I won't be able to break open any of the spools and sew with them until I can navigate the stairs!

[Tomorrow I have to go to my primary care physician for a pre-op physical. Mind you, I had a pre-op physical on October 25 for last week's surgery. The hospital requires that the physical be within 30 days of the surgery. Thus I am out of the 30-day window for the December 1 procedure.  And when I have the other foot done -- late January, I hope -- I'll need yet another physical.  Sigh.]


  1. Your nutcracker collection is delightful, thanks for sharing it here. The threads are an enviable rainbow of colors, wheee! So sorry to hear that you're keeping so many doctors busy and hope it's a light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. hanks for sharing th nutcrackers! They are delightful! And I love the smoker.
    The threads are a great deal. Sorry you won't be sewing for a bit. Hope you have some handwork to maintain your sanity.
    Good luck with continued healing!

  3. lovely little nutcrackers and to-die-for aurifil stash! and the physical? it's all about risk management....pain in the butt

  4. Very pretty and fun little nutcrackers. Drama Teen started getting her Dad one's that where holding guitars. Our favorite is one that looks like Elvis. Christmas decorating will happen this next weekend. Hope that the next surgery goes smoothly.


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