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Monday, November 21, 2016

Quilt show report

Co-chair Jonnie and I put up banners a week before 
The Northern Lake County Quilters Guild biennial show was this weekend. I was co-chair.  I am pleased (and relieved) to report that it was a success!

The location, the Antioch Township Center, was a new venue for the show but not a new site for the guild. It's where we hold our monthly meetings and our workshops.  Eighteen months ago I drove about 200 miles scouting locations for the show. Rents were very high Ours is a fairly small event and we couldn't commit to a $3000 security payment on a $6000 rental. The township center is free! The hitch was that it was a polling site, both for election day and for early voting. We could not use the meeting room until after the county had removed all the voting equipment (a week after the election).

Set up on Friday went smoothly.  Many hands and experienced husbands (with power tools) made the work go fast.

The weather was blustery on Saturday with an early-morning dusting of snow. The sun came out, the wind died down, and we had seasonably great weather all weekend.

quilts checked in

Traffic was steady. The silent auction was popular -- $1200 income on Saturday.  The Sunday sales should be comparable.

Ziploc bags with scraps contributed by guild members sold for $5.00 on Saturday and 2 for $5.00 on Sunday.  I contributed scraps and I bought more!  (I weighed the six bags when I got home:  8 pounds and a couple of ounces.  33 yards for $15.)

The raffle quilt was placed front and center.  The drawing was 3 p.m. Sunday.  One of my Magpie quilting friends is the winner!  I called her right away. She's thrilled!  (She and her husband have built a brand-new retirement home. What a great welcome-home greeting!)

All attendees could vote for "viewer's choice."  Guild members voted for their favorites in each category.  I won members' second place and a third place for my entries,"Stars in Her Crown" and "Forecast: Scrappy With a Chance of Nine-patches."  Regular blog readers have seen and heard about them many times.

Viewer's Choice 
Here are a few photos of other quilts on display.  You can see more on the guild website:  NLCQG .


  1. I love, love, LOVE guild quilt shows! Glad yours was a sucess

  2. Nice quilt show! The raffle quilt is outstanding ! Congratulations on your entry. There is a lot of talent in your guild.

  3. Yea for some member love. Congratulations on some quilts placing as members choice. Looks like a great show despite a quick set up being needed.


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