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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekly update: RSC and a new project

The red block in the upper left is the "claret" block for September's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I love the way this year's blocks look together!  These are 12.5" unf.  and each print is used just once. I will make the one-block-per-month and eight extras for a 20-block quilt (4 x 5 setting).  I may change my mind . . .

I got the t-shirts cut out for my September OMG. I shopped for sashing/border fabric at the quilt show. I found a FQ of a gray/white/yellow/black print that would be just right but all the vendor had was that FQ. The one I bought had the designer info on the selvedge and I ordered more at

Here's the project on my design wall this evening.  I make a quilt that's raffled at the AAUW holiday luncheon.  Previous versions have been red/green/white. This year it's winter night-themed. The star centers are actually a subtle snowflake-and-light blue on white. I got the idea from a project in the Keepsake Catalog. (Their kit has batiks. I'm using a variety of non-batik dark blues.)  The large stars are 8" and the small stars are 4". The finished quilt will be 62" x 62."

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  1. I was a bit disappointed with my choice for RSC blocks this year. But I sure love yours! They are going to make a wonderful quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. Your RSC blocks are looking great. Will you repeat some colors or add more for the extra blocks?

    1. I think I will concentrate on having 24 different fabrics in each block but I won't worry about duplicating fabrics from block to block.

  3. Oh they both looke SO great!! I love that star quilt - its going to be amazing

  4. Your RSC blocks are wonderful. It's a great block for a scrappy quilt. How cool that each fabric is only used once!

  5. I really like your rainbow block. And the red one, wonderful. I image this block is a bit more time consuming because of all the single fabric pieces. Your nighttime stars is coming along well. I particularly like the dark blue with the light stars printed on the fabric -- it gives extra interest and a bit of depth to the quilt. AAUW should have no problem making money on this quilt!

  6. That block really showcases the colours for each month.

  7. Your rainbow blocks are looking better every month. I'm sure the finished 20 blocks can easily be done in what I call a quilter's rainbow with all the in between colors like lime and aqua, pink, etc. The winter night quilt is looking gorgeous already, so dark and shiny at once. Do show us a closeup, please, when you have a chance.

  8. I love your light on dark star blocks. I like that you have more than one size of star on that too.

  9. Both of your quilts are very pretty. I like the cream colored background in each one.


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