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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stash report for August

Fabric in this month: 6-1/8 yds ($49)
Fabric out this month:  26-7/8 yds
       (That includes 18 yards (estimated by weight) of scraps for scrap bag sale at the guild quilt show.)

Fabric in YTD:  289 yds ($967) ($3.34/yd)
Fabric out YTD: 200-7/8 yds
       (If I'm very good for the next four months maybe I'll end the year equally in and out.)

I had such success advertising flimsies for sale that I rounded up another batch and advertised them on the same Facebook quilters' sale groups.  I sold 12 out of 14 for $735!  Several people on one of the groups chided me, saying my prices were too low. "You can't buy the fabric for that price!" When I said my average per-yard cost is under $3 because I go to thrift shops and estate sales as well as quilt shops,someone said, "Well, not everyone can get fabric at such low prices. You are ruining sales for other people."  Huh?    The FB groups have so much traffic that in two weeks no one will remember what I listed and how much I charged.  Rather than fan the flame I just deleted the album and all the comments.

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