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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Garage sale!

 Spurred by the success of the flimsies sale (see previous post) and with an encouraging weather report, I declared that I'd have the long-postponed garage sale this weekend.

My horoscope for Friday was another good omen.
 The day dawned brightly.

(6:16 a.m., September 2, Lake Michigan)

All set to go at 8 a.m. Friday.  The first customer was in search of pre-WWI bullets. Several people wanted tools.  A couple of people asked if I had quilts to sell. (No, because I'd price those higher than most garage sale customers are prepared to pay.)

Day 1: $193.55. Several of the larger pieces sold. (For example, the white cupboard in the front. That was in the basement when we moved in, left over from the kitchen remodeling two owners before us.)

Stay tuned for Day 2 results!
Day 2: $40.95.  Add one Sunday sale from a friend from church: $5.00
Gross: $239.90  less expenses (for signs): $222.66.  

$222.66 + $735 (from the flimsies I sold) = $957.66.
And it just so happened that last week I had car repairs that totaled $954.29!


  1. I love to have a garage sale! people look for the strangest thingsl

  2. passed a sign yesterday for yard sale...said "our crap can be yours" they are fun to have once in a while...

  3. Congrats on emptying out unloved stuff and getting "free" car repairs ;-)


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