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Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly update: another auction entry

This 18 x 40 table runner was quick to make.  The pattern is by Kim Schaefer. It will be donated to the silent auction at our November guild show.

It's been seven years since I last had a garage sale ( here). I'm overdue for another one. We've had sunny Saturdays for three weeks and now, when I am finally getting off my duff -- predictions are for thunderstorms both Friday and Saturday.  Next week?  I have a meeting the first Friday morning each month and there's a guild workshop that Saturday .... if not then, it will have to wait until after our August trip. Maybe a garage sale can be my August OMG.

I finished all the commission pillowcases for my friend Cindy. I need to cut up an old vinyl mattress protector (hers) to make into a protector for her dog bed (two seams and a hem).  The last part of the commission is to make four placemats for Ardy, Cindy's MIL.  Ardy would like them to be oval, so the binding will be slightly trickier. The fabric she chose needs to be fussy-cut. Fortunately there's enough for the front and back of all four plus the bias binding. You can tell I'm procrastinating!

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  1. OK, after reading both of your posts, I am pooped and thinking about taking a nap. But I do like your table runner and the idea of the silent auction.

  2. Great runner. Great idea for an auction item. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  3. Procrastination might really mean you are thinking through how to do the oval placemats. We just threw out some oval placemats I made when we were first married in the early 70's. It couldn't have been all that hard as I hadn't even started quilting yet...and it was quilted by me... go for it gal!

  4. Nice little table runner! I'm not quite sure if it's supposed to be Christmasy, but it sort of struck me that way if it had candles and pine boughs laid upon it. Garage sales, tag sales, yard sales are all very regional terms, aren't they? Whatever named, they are exhausting. good luck!

  5. My thoughts were on the same lines as Vic, is it in Christmas colours as it's a November auction? It will make a beautiful Christmas runner with the advantage of being able to use it all year round. I haven't heard of a silent auction before.

    1. Yes, it is a Christmas-themed runner. The quilt show is November 19-20.

  6. I have an addiction to that green color, and I really like the simple pattern. How fun!


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