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Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly update: stash report, the design wall, and June OMG

I didn't have much time to sew last week, what with P.E.O. convention preparations, plus an AAUW committee meeting, Chamber of Commerce board,  and the monthly quilt guild meeting (a very good program on quilt history).  I didn't even get time for a beach walk.

Stash report, May:
Fabric acquired:  24-1/4, $32.75
Fabric used:  8-3/8
Fabric acquired: 162, $699 ($4.31/yd)
Fabric used: 89-1/4
I need to quit shopping and get sewing!

My One Monthly Goal is to set the batik star blocks.  I made 42 of them. The on-point setting uses 41 and results in a square quilt. I am contemplating ideas for wider top and bottom borders to make it rectangular.  The red sashes are a rough draft -- I only have two yards of that particular print, only enough for sashes *or* setting triangles *or* borders, but not all three.

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  1. You do such a great job of shopping your stash. It's hard to not buy fabric when you see usable cotton at a reasonable price! Maybe you can do the sashing in red (or another color) and the setting triangles in another color? Have fun auditioning colors to decide what you want. Hopefully your massive stash will cough up something wonderful!

  2. Looks gorgeus! I love that block and your colours make it very sparkling! x Teje

  3. what a beauty, thanks for sharing

  4. Batik Stars is going to be a stunner!

  5. I like your star blocks very much! I always stumble when I don't have enough of any one fabric and then have to start finding pieces that work well together. Good luck finding the perfect pieces! Thanks so much for linking up to Main Crush Monday. :)

  6. Wow! Those stars are amazing!


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