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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Midweek: quilts presented

The Northern Lake County Quilters Guild made HeartStrings blocks at the January charity sewing meeting. Ten quilts resulted -- five quilted by me, five by other guild members.  Guild members also made seven pillowcases.  I printed labels and sewed them to each quilt. I made three more pillowcases to keep things even.

On Wednesday Irene and I presented them to the manager at Staben House, a transitional living/homeless shelter in Waukegan. One of the young residents joined us for the photo.


  1. what a wonderful doubt they were received with gratitude and excitement....

  2. Many hands make light work - and lots of happy, smiling faces. Very generous and thoughtful of your group.

  3. That little guy looks so excited that he can hardly stand still! How nice that you were able to take the quilts over yourself. I'm sure they will be well loved and needed.


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