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Monday, January 4, 2016

DWM: first finish

First finish for 2016!  This is Safari Strings. I pieced it in April, the month that I was "quilting in exile" while the basement floor was being replaced.  I bought the tiger-stripe backing fabric last month on the clearance table at Hobby Lobby ($3/yard). I didn't need to make an insert strip but that seems to be my practice lately, and I like the effect.

This is the flimsy (photo taken in April).

I got an email message to the "info @" (quilt guild mailbox) from a woman who offered quilt fabric and supplies. They belonged to her mother, who is now in hospice.  I went to Lake Bluff (about 15 miles away) to get them:  three big boxes with books and supplies, four black garbage bags with fabric, a nice floor stand hoop (Grace, maybe). Guess what?  I am taking it ALL to a fellow guild member to take it ALL to Wednesday's guild meeting.  I looked at the books and supplies (nothing I need) and I am NOT even taking a peek into any of the fabric bags.

I leave early Wednesday morning for the  ALA Midwinter Meeting .  I've built in time before and after for touring/visiting.

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  1. Mann -- that quilt looks fabulous. Aren't you the strong one not to look at the quilting supplies. I'm trying to unload supplies from a similar gift to my guild. Hopefully this month I can take a bunch to share with the gals.

  2. Congrats on a 1st finish! The insert looks great. I would find it hard to resist a peek in the scrap bags. Good to share with your guild.

  3. Perfect back, perfect price. And such willpower! Congrats on your first finish.

  4. Great looking finish and I really like the addition to the backing, too! And you're not even peeking into the bags of fabrics? Oh, my!

  5. Beautiful finish! I think I would choose not to look in the bags too. I am already swimming in scraps! Thanks for sharing your quilt with Oh Scrap!

  6. How fun to share the quilt supplies at your next meeting! Your Safari Strings is very fun and I like the movement created by the design in the fabric. Inset strips always add a bit of fun :o) Hope you have a great time at your conference! I just attended a technology in education conference in December - always one of the highlights of my year!

  7. you didn't even peek? now that's will power...


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