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Friday, January 1, 2016

A colorful end to 2015

(I meant to post this prior to the Annual Reckoning.)
Block swap, batiks, and scraps combine for a fine final flimsy for fifteen (2015, that is).
The Swamp Patch  Swamp Angel (Ohio Star variation) blocks were the other half of the Stars and Nines that were my birthday block swap choices in 2013 and 2015.  I used the Nines last week.

I put the stars up on the design wall.  They are 6.5" unfin. I made a few more.

Setting them side-by-side was too dense.  . I auditioned a few single-fabric sashings, but any one color highlighted some blocks and diminished others.  How about multi-color?  Yes!

The sashes are 2.5" unfin. The flimsy is 50 x 58 and used 3-1/8 yards.


  1. I love the churn dashes that show up here and there!

    1. I had to look, and look again, to see the churn dashes. (I concentrated on the stars and the sashes as I sewed.)

  2. I know the Swamp Patch as the Swamp Angel, which is the name of an artillery cannon that was used by Union troops against Charleston during the Civil War. For some reason, it now resides in Trenton, NJ. That aside, your quilt is wonderful! I love the multicolored sashing.

  3. The sashing is perfect and I like the secondary design it makes too!

  4. wow....that is soo beautiful,love,love it! makes kaffe fassett look dull!

  5. I love the multi sashing, I'm sure I would never have thought of that as a solution

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