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Sunday, December 13, 2015

More holiday doings

We've had unseasonably mild weather this week. I was late to Rotary on Thursday because I had to take a picture of the sunrise at North Point Marina. 

  My P.E.O. chapter's holiday potluck was Monday evening.  I had lots of time -- then I was late! -- and in my rush to pick up my friend Erika I *forgot* the wallhanging (see photo on right) that I made for the gift exchange.  Fortunately Erika had something to substitute.  The wallhanging will have to wait for next year.

My contribution to the potluck was Kale/Broccoli Slaw. I can't find the particular blog that published the recipe I used, but it includes:  2 c baby kale; 2 c chopped broccoli stems; craisins; sunflower seeds; a bit of chopped onion; shredded red cabbage; shredded carrot; salt & pepper.  Dressing:  1/2 c mayo, 1/2 c sour cream, 1 T honey, 1 T lemon juice.  It was very good!   (I bought broccoli and chopped the stems myself because the local supermarket didn't have  packaged "broccoli slaw.")

On Wednesday Stevens and I attended the 7th annual Kindness Essay Banquet.  The fifth graders in our school districts write about "the kindest person I know."  The winner in each classroom comes to the banquet (with his or her family).  Grand prizes (iPads!) are awarded for the best essays in each district. The children wrote about grandparents; the friend of an older brother; a Zion police officer; an aunt.  Their insights were profound.  Stevens gave the invocation and he and I were among the Rotarians who read the winning essays aloud.

Thursday the United Methodist Women had their holiday luncheon, with a white elephant exchange.  That evening I went to Erika's P.E.O. chapter's holiday party -- dessert and a white elephant exchange.  That meant two white elephants left the house but two white elephants came back in.

 Fortunately, Saturday provided an opportunity to send off a herd of white elephants.  It was the AAUW holiday luncheon. We have a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, and the holiday quilt raffle.  I took a box of stuff for the silent auction and brought only a couple of items home.  I spent $2.00 for a piece of Christmas fabric (3 yards), $1.00 for a box of Christmas cards, and $1.00 for a book.
The quilt raffle made $345!  (The silent auction made $647 and the 50/50 made $96.)

Helen makes the centerpieces every year. She is so creative!

"Sing a Song of Christmas" was the children's holiday performance at church today. Each of the 20 kids -- ages 2-1/2 to 15 -- had a part. They all did a great job!

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  1. Time to breathe now? Beautiful sunrise, by the way. Hope you have a very merry Christmas!


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