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Sunday, December 13, 2015

DWM: HeartStrings, December

I have enjoyed the creative exercise imposed by my goal to make a 48-block HeartStrings quilt each month in 2015.  For the December edition: I had not intended to use Christmas fabrics but in the end that's what I chose. (Another instance of never say never!)  Note that the design places green-centered blocks in the middle and red-centered blocks around the perimeter.

I still have a bookcase full of Christmas fabric . . . but you already knew that.

Here is my current design conundrum.  The 48 blocks in the center (arranged in pinwheels) used just about all of the red/tan floral fabric. (There were five 2 x 9 strips left over.)  The pattern calls for the HST middle border and uses one red print fabric for the inner (2" fin.) and outer (6" fin.) borders. Here are the fabrics I've auditioned.
 The blue has small reddish dots. I think it's too dark to use for both the inner and outer borders.

Small red print = too much.

Somewhat better:  skinny (1" fin.) blue strips flanking the HSTs and a small red print?  The blue is still very dark.

I searched my stash again and came up with the red/green/blue leaves-on-tan (Hoffman).  I think I like it!

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  1. I love to have options in my stash for border options. Looks like you have lots of great choices. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. I was just getting ready to suggest looking in the tan family ... I think I like it, too. Congrats on meeting your heartstrings goal.

  3. I am so impressed that you made a heartstrings quilt each month. Your Christmas quilt is so festive. I actually really like the border using the skinny dark blue fabric. It makes the blocks look so rich and vibrant and the yellows really pop. Either one will be beautiful though.

  4. Oh my goodness! The decisions on the border!!! That would accidentally make it another UFO for me ha ha! LOVE your string quilt!!!

  5. Love the fact that the string quilt became a Christmas quilt - even without trying. Must be the festive season!!!
    Whenever I have to choose, I go for the maximum contrast option. dark blue would be my pick. I am sure whatever you choose it will be stunning.

  6. My take is that the dark blue adds a graphic definition that I very much like, although I'd probably graduate the sizes to make the outer one 2" cut(1½" finished)and keep the inner one smaller. But a computer monitor plays games with the eye, so your tan might be better in person.

  7. I think your final choice is the winner. The dark blue was very distracting.

  8. Love your pinwheel HST's! I'd maybe use the leaves-on-tan for the inner 2" border, it extends the main feel of the quilt out into the framing smoothly, without being too much of a jump in value to the middle row of scrappy HST's. Not sure about the wider next border, but it could be the red, then maybe bind in the dark blue to finish off. Am sure whatever you decide will look great!

  9. Interesting to see the fabrics you auditioned; they all had something going for them. I like the one you have settled on but would also like to see a bit of that dark blue sneak in somewhere.

  10. Fun to see all your auditions -- I'm a fan of the blue -- like the way it makes the rest of the quilt sing but in the end, you have to go with your preference!

  11. I'm not overly keen on the blue either, or the equal borders on either side of the me it looks a bit heavy and makes me think of train tracks. I think I prefer just a single inner border and then the HSTs and then the wide border. Have you played with greens as border fabrics? I notice there's some in the quilt but from the small area shown it's hard to see how much. If you could find the right print & the right green in your stash it might be interesting:)

  12. Hum, the problem that was fixed on on a more recent posts. Yep, I'm behind in my readings. Love the string quilt. Where do you send/give your heartstrings quilts?


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