Monday, October 5, 2015

DWM: workshop + quilt show + fabric haul + commission

I spent Sunday in a guild workshop given by Mary Fons . The project was "A Quilt Called Whisper" from her book Make Love Quilts . She showed us how she assembles a palette for a scrappy quilt. The pattern is a one-block, equilateral triangle, and she provided tips to match the pieces easily.  She recommends the Fons & Porter 60-degree ruler (of course). I remembered that I purchased a 60-degree ruler years ago (Clearview Triangle by Sara Nephew). The difference between it and F&P is that the latter has the top tip cut off (makes easy matching). I decided I'd make the Clearview work, and I did.

The workshop instructions were to bring 15 fat quarters with light/medium/dark. I chose purples. Here's what I got done.

Mary will be the speaker at the guild meeting on Wednesday.

Scraps . . .

 In my last post I wrote that Irene and I were going to pick up a fabric donation and then go to a quilt show.  The Village Quilters is an area guild. Their show featured many wonderful quilts and a good number of vendors. I didn't take many photos.  I did buy fabric. (Those fat quarters accumulate . . . Indonesian batiks at 20 FQs for $30!....)  We were there when they did a Quilts of Valor presentation to veterans. It was very moving.

Here is the fabric haul!   Fred (whom we had never met prior to Saturday) is cleaning out the storage locker where he has kept stuff from his family -- mother and aunts, and from the looks of it, his own stuff. His mother was a tailor, knitter, crafter.   There were two vintage sewing machines--a New Home treadle in a repainted cabinet and a Singer 99 (he provided that info later)--and two 1960's/70's Montgomery Ward models (which means they are all-metal, made in Japan). We filled my car with fabric and I will go back this week for what's left.  The photo shows the fabric in my garage. I will be sorting this week.

And the commission? Cindy, for whom I made all the pillowcases last summer, asked me to make two more pillowcases and a dog bed cover. (Actually, a pillowcase for the dog bed.) She brought the fabric to me a couple of weeks ago. She also commissioned an I Spy baby quilt.  I had units on hand for my default I Spy pattern ( here and here ).  I made more.

I'm linking up at Judy's Patchwork Times  and Beth's Love Laugh Quilt  Have a good Monday and a great week, everyone!


Bonnie said...

Love those batiks. Hope some of the fabric is usable for quilts or you can pas them along to others who can use them. What size are your eye spy blocks. I'm trying to use up some donated triangles by using that same block. Issue is it takes time to trim the triangles to the right size. Sigh.

Kate said...

Your purple triangles look great and that commission quilt is bright and fun.

Unknown said...

Wasn't. Mary a great. speaker. She visited. Our York County. Guild last year. She and her mom are so different. In their choices. For their quilts and colors. Love to read about Heart Strings projects. Have been doing Christmas. And Quilt of Valor string quilts..actually 6 that need to be finished. Did a small chevron. Quilt today then have 2 more for our foster children's. Meeting. Next month to help our Group. Meet our goal of 100 to give them at once . Each. Will also be accompanied. By a pillowcase.