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Sunday, September 20, 2015

DWM: a day downtown, donations, postage stamp 9x9, and a finish

Lorraine, Linda, and I have been friends since grade school.  Our interests diverged in high school (Lorraine did music and sports, Linda was counterculture and social activism, and I was a bookworm scholar).   Over the years Lorraine and I maintained ties with Christmas cards, a few visits, and  P.E.O.). We re-met Linda through Facebook. Linda lives at the other end of Chicagoland from me and we hadn't been able to coordinate our schedules to meet in person.  We finally got together this past Thursday when Lorraine came from Colorado to compete in the Chicago Triathlon .  We took the architectural river cruise and had lunch at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock.  It was delightful to catch up!
The view under the bridge

 Reflection in 333 E. Wacker 
View from the 95th floor
 * * * * * * * * *
 Our guild received a request for donations to the Chicago-area Heifer quilt auction. This is one of the reasons I have quilts on hand! I took seven quilts and wallhangings to one of the volunteers (they'd already been on display and had not sold at the library craft fair). She let me see the quilts that are filling up her house -- what a beautiful assortment!

I made six tulip blocks for this month's Block Lotto .

I finished the Postage Stamp 9x9.  I was six strips short of the sashing fabric I intended to use -- which I found out after I had cut strips from all of that yardage. I searched my stash and found another gray print and, whew, I had enough. This flimsy is 57 x 68 and used 5 yards.

And the finish? Homespun Strings, the HS top I made in March. 3-1/2 yards for the back and binding.

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers at Judy's Patchwork Times and  Beth's Love Laugh Quilt .


  1. How wonderful that you 3 were able to meet up for what looks to be a fantastic day.
    Fantastic projects this week Nann, I love how the 9x9 turned out!

  2. What fun it is to reconnect with old friends! Your tulip blocks are lovely, but I LOVE you postage stamp top.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic time!! Glad you got to re-meet up!! And your postage stamp quilt - Oh the love I have for thatone!!!!

  4. You postage stamp top and strings look amazing! Love a good scrappy quilt.

  5. That postage stamp quilt is amazing. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Love your postage stamp quilt! Lots of fun color in that one and in your Tulip blocks. You had a very productive week.

  7. Love your homespun string quilt! Sounds like you had a great time catching up with friends! HOping to do that myself this week. ;)

  8. The postage stamp quilt is a real beauty and I couldn't spot any differences in the sashings. Looks great!

  9. Love your postage stamp quilt, it's a nice way to set it too! Lots of scrappy goodness there to look at.

  10. wow love the postage stamp....sooo deliciously scrappy!

  11. Wonderful things going on here. I am always amazed at people who have friends from their earliest years. As a military family we never stayed any where more than 3 years. Sometimes we moved every 1 or 2. It was great that you could connect with your friends from childhood. Nifty quilts you've shared. WOW on the postage stamp quilt? Did the squares finish 1x1"? Congratulations on donating quilts to such a worthy cause.


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