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Monday, September 14, 2015

DWM: back in the studio + stash report

Our trip home was swift because I had to be back for the quilt guild board meeting Wednesday night.  This was the transition between outgoing and newly-elected officers and it could not be rescheduled. As it turned out I had six meetings from Wednesday through Saturday (at two of which I presided and for two of which I took notes).

I took a bunch of necktie hexies (my years-long hand-sewing project) on the trip but I didn't sew a stitch.  I went to one quilt shop -- Cotton Cupboard  in Bangor, Maine -- and bought two fat quarters and a pattern. I admired the beautiful wool tartans at the  Gaelic College in Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) but didn't need to buy any yardage.

Stash report, August:
Fabric acquired:  1/2 yd ($7)
Fabric used: 38-1/2 yds (includes donation to HeartStrings)
Fabric acquired: 81-3/8 yds ($282)
Fabric used: 235-3/8 yds
Net decrease: 154 yds

I made an orange bubble block for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Here's what's on the design wall:  more scrappy 9 x 9 postage stamps. (I found out that it's easier to make nine 9-patches and assemble them, rather than making nine rows of nine squares.)   The gray sashing fabric has a subtle leaf print.  I will use 4-patches for cornerstones.   30 blocks, 2" finished sashing, no border = 57 x 68.

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers on Judy's Patchwork Times 


  1. Great postage blocks! This will be a fun quilt to look at once it's finished.... bringing back thoughts of things made in the past for you. Your orange bubble block is very cute!

  2. Love those postage stamp blocks. Good idea to make 9 patches and sew them together!

  3. ORANGE Bubble block and all those wonderful Postage Stamp blocks, along with 6 meetings in 4 days!! Where DID you find the time to sew???

  4. Love your curved log cabin!!! So pretty! And those postage stamps!

  5. Love those postage stamp blocks. Curved log cabin, too.

  6. Your bubble block turned out beautifully. Postage stamp blocks are always a great choice. They are fabulous!

  7. The curved log cabin block is bright and beautiful. Your postage stamp blocks are really fun. I think a postage stamp quilt is going to be my next leaders and enders project. I wasn't sure about using the really dark fabrics in those blocks, but it works really well in yours.

  8. Congratulations on moving fabric from the stash to, hopefully, somewhere it will be used. I am in awe. Was this from the "deep" stash. (Must admit I love that term!)


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