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Sunday, August 2, 2015

July stash report

July: fabric in:  20-3/4 yards received as a gift + 5 yards purchased ($25) = 25-3/4
       fabric out:  26-1/2 sewn, 23-1/8 sold = 49-5/8
January-July:  fabric in: 80-7/8 yards ($275)
       fabric out: 196-7/8 yards
net decrease:  116 yards

I finally advertised fabric on two online sales groups (Quilters Flea Market and Quilters Virtual Yard Sale).  23-1/8 yards sold!

Not only is my fabric stash smaller but so also is my quilt stash.

Cindy came to get the second batch of pillowcases I made for her daughter (as well as two dog bed covers that I'd sewn). She purchased three quilts, too -- Batik Rails and Choqua and Framed Four-Patch .
 She gave me the leftover pillowcase fabric, too.  (It weighed about 5 lbs, so I estimated just over 20 yards.)

The proceeds from this entrepreneurial flurry ($621) went right into my savings account, designated for a new sewing machine.

How do I determine the price on a quilt? It's what I think the customer will pay.  I know I don't adequately compensate myself for my time and hardly for the materials. I don't sell quilts to earn a living. If I hadn't sold these they'd be given away to a community event, charitable project, or on a gift-giving occasion.

These are the quilts "on hand." Some have destinations (like the brown/green HeartStrings on top which is going to the Spelling Bee this fall); some have been in shows but were not purchased; three had some problems with fabric bleeding after they were washed. Every quilt has a story!

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  1. Thank you for posting the details of your Red Rails! It is fabulous and I love it! Now it's on my must-do list, LOL!


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