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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting ahead of schedule

I have many other things I should be working on, both nonquilting and quilting.   However . . .The 2" strip bin is empty. (Not because I used them -- I gave them away! See yesterday's post.) I looked at the tangle of strips in the 1.5" bin and here's what happened.

The block centers and corners are made from the same gray print.
There are still a lot of strips in the bin.


  1. Using that consistent center strip certainly maintains order in the block. I followed your link to get the specs for the block so I can try some myself. I have tons of muslin foundation material thanks to The Mama's leftover stash.

  2. beautiful string quilt...i love 'em! and an empty bin? priceless!

  3. I didn't think these scrap bins ever emptied! I'm convinced mine fill from the bottom. :) Your string blocks are great. Congrats on an empty bin!!

  4. Ahead of Schedule!!!! Go you!!

  5. Very nice string blocks! I have been sewing a few each month and love the colors, but really thoughts they'd use up more of my scraps...


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