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Monday, July 20, 2015

Quilt show photos

 Here are a few photos from the Batavia quilt show this past weekend.   I do not have the names of any of the quiltmakers.

Talking Turkey, a Bonnie Hunter pattern

Jamestown Landing, another Bonnie Hunter pattern

Beautiful quilting

Tiny HSTs
This is my kind of scrappy
Patchwork of the Crosses 

More of my kind of scrappy!
I gave this my "viewer's choice" vote. Love the fussy-cut "ghastly" print and the hexies. Border swirls are appliques. 

I am collecting design ideas. A New York Beauty is on my slate for the coming year (you can see the slate in my previous post).


  1. wow nann...lovely quilts....that jamestown landing in orange is a stunner! orange is my new fave color as u can guess....really nice show!

  2. Love the Talking Turkey. My GF just sent me a picture of her blue TT top. She only did 9 blocks. We took the class in April together. I really like the blue although I'm making mine red and cream. Ooh -- a New York Beauty. Good for you. I've made a block once but turned it in for a guild quilt. Not sure I want to try another.... Lovely eye candy today.

  3. I'm really taken with the first one, the thing about having decades away from quilting is that when you come back everything is fresh and exciting.


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