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Monday, July 20, 2015

DWM: a quilt show, a clean slate, new projects, and border quandary

On Saturday my sister treated me to the   Batavia Quilt Show  I took a number of photos -- I'll compose a separate post to include them once I

We were luncheon hosts after church yesterday.  Stevens sliced a ham.  I made salads (three-bean; macaroni; brown rice; cukes-in-sour-cream), a batch of brownies, and rhubarb bundt cake.  The cukes and the cake were completely consumed. We gave the leftover ham, buns, and brownies to a family (many kids). The remaining salads were just as good at suppertime.

Since we are more than halfway through the year I thought it was time to edit the list of projects on the dry-erase board next to the sewing table.


I made 11 pillowcases from the fabric that Cindy brought me ten days ago. There's a lot of fabric left. We're settling up this week.....I have to say that Ole, the 1991-model Viking Husqvarna serger, did an admirable job finishing the seams.

A new project: bookshelf quilt #36 (or thereabouts) for my friend (and ALA roommate) who's retiring at the end of July.

Tumblers are Bonnie Hunter's  2015 challenge . I had not intended to join, but look what I found on a shelf in the Deep Stash .   Now I'm thinking about tumblers for the next 30's bin bust project....

And once the tumblers are finished I can try this template set.

I got both of these packages on clearance ($5 each) about ten years ago. I haven't used either one.

And finally, to my design wall.  The blocks as set are approx. 58 x 58. What should I do about the border?
* I am trying not to buy more fabric.
*There are two dark blues -- the stars and the setting triangles are different fabrics.
***I do not have enough of either of these dark blues for even a skinny border.
* I am trying not to buy more fabric.
* The print on the left has a dark purple background. The print on the right is too dark and the wrong scale for the stars.

I'm linking up with Judy's Patchwork Times and Beth's Love Laugh Quilt .


  1. I sense you are trying to convince yourself to not buy any more fabric! I don't think either of those options really sing. Got anything with more yellow in it?

  2. How about a solid yellow? Or a solid yellow mini border and then something else? Keep digging in the deep stash. I might have a spare yard or so of a yellow I could send you. Let me know if you'd like one.

  3. I agree with Libby about the options you suggested. How about no border? I don't think it needs one.

  4. I, too, agree with the above comments. These fabrics take away from the gorgeous quilt. I don't think it needs a border, either, but like the idea of yellow. The yellow in the stars just sparkles.

  5. Doesn't need a border!? It takes the focus off the stars!
    They are beautiful!

  6. any med TOT in your stash for the borders? a nice teal GREEN would be nice, or a mint or lime green. Something to drawn out the wonderful colors in the blocks.

  7. It seems like Bonnie's tumbler quilt is a perfect fit for you. I love your stars. What about a bright solid yellow or orange border. But if you're like me, you would have to go out and "buy" a solid fabric to go on there. LOL

  8. About your border dilemma, how about a piano keys border using all the scrappy colors in the stars? Start with a narrow (1") stop border of yellow or gold around your center, then the piano keys including as much as possible of your remaining two dark blues along with your leftover bright scraps.

  9. I love your stars, but not crazy about the two border fabric options. I agree that it looks good with no border. I think a border with lots of light or bright colors like yellow or orange will distract from the gorgeous stars.

  10. Hi Nann - this is a really jolly quilt and I agree with many of the comments - it doesn't need a border :-) Maybe a multi-coloured binding on its own? Or strip the binding in all the colours (including the background colour) in the stars? Or just the plain background colour for the binding... the stars sing just fine on their own :-)


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