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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mid-year stash report, and a new flimsy

 June:   fabric acquired: 8-7/8; cost $33
           fabric used: 14-5/8
January-June:  fabric acquired 55-1/8; cost $250
           fabric used: 147-1/4
Net decrease: 92-1/8

(I bought two yards in June (at Britex).  The other 6-7/8 came from Libby, who offered a giveaway that I won, and another online quiltmaker who swapped fabric for a book.) 

I plan to make 48 Heartstrings blocks each month in 2015, enough for a standard-sized 54 x 72 HS quilt.  I didn't make any in June so I am doubling up in July. The current challenge is to use light strings for the block centers. I pulled out solids, a fabric genre I don't often use (how have I accumulated such a quantity of them?) and here's the result.  [Fabric used:  8 yards, counting the 10x10 foundation squares.]


  1. I'm the same with solids. How did I accumulate a whole drawer full?

  2. The solids give a whole new look to the Heartstrings blocks, nice work!

  3. I am so impressed with your fabric usage. Are you the first born of your family? I hear they are very much folks who get things done and you really do get things done! Great job in using your stash. Where do you get your Heart Strings info? I was on the web site last week or so and could find no info on the new challenge. I had read about it on Mary's blog but was wondering if there is another source of info. Thanks. Bonnie

  4. Great fabric usage! The solids in your string quilt provide a wonderful contemporary look. You have set a very ambitious challenge. Good luck on the number of quilt blocks per month.

  5. the light tan in the centeres is very effective!


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