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Sunday, July 12, 2015

DWM: several projects in the works

 It was a week of starts rather than finishes.

One of my favorite color combinations is purple and lime.  I found a box with a good quantity of 2" lime strips, most of them cut width-of-fabric. I do not remember what project I had in mind but they are great for my July HeartStrings blocks.  I had enough of one dark purple print for the center strips. The lime strips have been augmented by other greens. The purple strips range from blue-purple to red-purple.

 I am making the blocks in batches of 6 and have 30 done as of Sunday evening.  There are no corners on the blocks yet because I don't know if I will use purple, lime, or both.

Red is the color for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Here is my bubble block.

Several years ago I made pillowcases for the AAUW holiday auctions. Cindy and her daughter Jeannie won a number of them. Jeannie starts college this fall and Cindy brought over this stack of fabric for new pillowcases. (She also brought a couple of the old ones, which have been used and washed a lot.  I was surprised at how well the quilting cotton fabric held up.) And yes, she will pay me. She admitted that sewing is not her thing.

I'm enjoying making these 8" star blocks.  The 16-patch centers began as a leaders-and-enders project but I soon used up all the twosies/foursies, etc., that I had sewn.  I am using the four-at-a-time method for the flying geese. What a snap! (And no cutaway triangles to deal with. Trust me, I have hundreds of those.)

I'm linking up with Rainbow Scrap Challenge , Patchwork Times , and Love Laugh Quilt .


  1. I love your Cute Scrappy Projects! Pillowcases are such a useful item to make. Nice to get the fabric gifted to make them.

  2. Your star blocks are so sweet. I'm a fan of the 4-at-a-time method, too. I've also used Easy Angle/Companion Angle to avoid having cutoff triangles. Hope you have a productive week.

  3. The bubble block looks great. 16 patches make such fun leader and ender projects. There are so ma y ways to put them to good use.

  4. Hi Nann
    Great to be able to comment - thank you :-)
    Just wanted to say how much I really like the scrappy star - its going to be a spectacular quilt. I do love stars :-)

  5. Your star blocks are wonderful! The 16 patch blocks in the middle just sparkle. Have fun making the pillow cases!

  6. Your scrappy stars are so elegant. So hard to see stitching on black, but it really sets off the scrappy colors. this will be a beautiful piece. How big are the finished stars?

  7. The green and purples are going to be fabulous together and the stars are wonderful too.

  8. I love all you scrappy projects! Looking awesome!

  9. I like green and purple together too. I also like your bubble block--great choice for scraps. Making pillowcases has been on my list awhile but somehow doesn't get done :) The four at a time geese are my favorite method too, and I agree about not having any more cut off triangles to find a home for!

  10. Lime and purple is such a fun color combo. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with from all those strips. Your 8" star blocks are gorgeous, what a great way to use up scraps.

  11. oohh purple and lime, oh my! they are gorgeous....and i love your stars....i have a small stack of foursies so you have given me some inspiration! glad to see you are keeping always!

  12. You are definitely on a roll since your west coast trip! I really like your 8 patch stars. I too like lime and purple these days. Look forward to seeing how you finish this one off.


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