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Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm floored!

Actually, we're floored.  Technically, it's floored.  ("I'm just floored," is an expression my mother used when she was surprised. It it a 30's/40's thing?)

 The cabinets were the original kitchen cabinets (relocated when the house was remodeled/added on to circa 1990).  Most of the stuff on the counter top is there because there's no furniture at the moment.
This is the spare room, home of the Deep Stash .
The new doors are beautiful. I wish I could splurge and have the upstairs doors replaced, but there are nine of those (plus bifold closet doors in the front hall).  [Left: cedar closet, center: to laundry room, right: to the family room/studio.]

ServiceMaster will come Monday to put all the boxes in the garage back downstairs. I'll be back in business soon!


  1. oh boy! I bet you are so excited! It is going to be amazing!

  2. It will be so much easier to keep clean. I know you are relieved to be almost done.

  3. Oh Nann, I am so envious!!! They are beautiful and will be so easy to clean. Great job.

  4. Congratulations!!! It's beautiful! so glad that you are soon to be all back together again after all the upheaval.

  5. What a wonderful studio, you will surely love it once you are in. Your Deep Stash looks exactly like mine, I love it when I find someone that likes the same things that I do!

  6. Wow, the floors are gorgeous. You are going to have such fun setting things up how you want them. Can't wait to see. Don't over do!


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