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Sunday, May 10, 2015

DWM: oh, sheet!

 I had 1.5 x 3.5" blue strips that I did not use in the red rails flimsy. I had a few 1.5 x 7" strips left over from the blue rails. I pulled all the blue strips from the 1.5" hamper  and I cut a  more strips from the blue FQs.  I trimmed all of them to 1.5 x 3.5 patches and pieced them into 5's (3.5 x 5.5 unfinished).

I wanted to set the resulting units with white, but I have no idea which of the 30 boxes in the garage contains the white (and WOW) fabric.  Buying new fabric is an option but I am trying so hard not to buy!  Look what was in an open bin on top of a stack in the garage:  a Fieldcrest fitted sheet, twin-sized. I got it at this estate sale three years ago.

(The sheet had covered seams at the edges and the fitted corners (nowadays the seams are just overlocked).)

The blocks are 5.5" unfinished. The flimsy is 60 x 65. When I can access the yardage part of my stash I'll choose a border.

Jane S. is a friend who has moved from her house to assisted living. The house sold (in two weeks!) and her children, who are my age, had an estate sale this weekend.  I can't resist daisy stuff.  (Jane did the little oil painting.)                                                                                           This week  I read Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (borrowed via ILL). Though I think many of her techniques aren't culturally relevant in the U.S. (she is Japanese), her basic premise of keeping only those things that bring joy has  merit.  The daisies do bring joy!

Also from Jane's sale: vintage tablecloth from Las Vegas, with a bag of dice inside the folds. Cloth and dice were $3.00.  The tablecloth has never been used. It's from, hmmm, the 60's?, before the mega casinos. 
This pretty floral tablecloth came from another estate sale. The label ("Simtex / made right in America") was still attached. Some stains but only $2.50. 
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  1. I love daisies, too. Made sure I had them in my bridal bouquet.

  2. I'm currently designing a few baby and lap-sized quilts utilizing embroidered vintage tablecloths and dresser scarves. By leaving the beautiful handworked borders, and replacing the stained center with coordinating patchwork, they can have a new life for others to enjoy. After completing the center and sewing it into the vintage cloth, I add outer borders to bring the whole piece up to the desired size.

  3. Cute daisy buckets. Great find on your sheet.

  4. Great estate sale finds! I really like your scrappy blue & white quilt WIP. Hope you find some good border fabric for it in your stash.

  5. Those blues are beautiful. Can't wait to see it quilted.
    Yay for fabulous finds at great prices.
    And thank you for your comment on my Plus Quilt. Made my day.


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