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Friday, May 29, 2015

HeartStrings for May

 I finished quilting Daisy Patch #2 on Wednesday. (It looks just like the Daisy Patch  pictured in the preceding post.) This one will be presented on June 14.

I should have worked on the tote bag I began in April (see this post), but I didn't.  Instead I cut brown and aqua strips.  This year I intend to make 12 48-block HeartStrings quilts, one a month.  I have made hundreds of HS blocks over the years, most of them according to the "standard" HS pattern (red or blue centers and a pleasant miscellany for the other strips).  Occasionally the HS group has a challenge to use a particular color (say, purple centers) or colorway (say, black/white/bright). For my 2015 series I'm trying to use specific fabric collections that I've acquired -- 30's'; polka dots; homespun plaids; animal skin prints. (Click on the HeartStrings label on the side to see them all.)  When I was reshelving fabric and found the chocolate and aqua stack I thought it was high time to sew them into something.  Here's the result. I love the color combination!

BTW, I have donated two of this year's HS quilts. The 30's edition went to the Zion Woman's Club/ Zion Conservatory of Music fundraiser. The polka dot edition will be auctioned this evening at our Rotary golf outing.

Next project: the tote bag. Definitely.


  1. nice color combo are the new digs working out?

  2. VeryNice. I take it on these you cut your strings to the same size? Ok, tell all, what size? Will have to consider this for some nursing home quilts plus using up stash. Both quilts shown are very nice.


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