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Monday, May 25, 2015

DWM: Memorial Day

 Our church was well-represented in the Winthrop Harbor Memorial Day parade. (Stevens is in the back row behind Mel (in the red t-shirt).  The clouds rolled in, dropped some rain, and rolled out again.  

I will not need to take a walk this afternoon.

It feels odd to have an entire week of May ahead of us even though it's Memorial Day. 

"Every Quilt Tells a Story" was my program for last Monday's P.E.O. meeting.  It was also the last meeting for Mary Stewart. She and her husband have retired and are moving to Florida.  Daisy Patch was the chapter's gift to her.
The pattern is "Golden Splendor" by Ann Weber of the Gingham Girls. It was published in McCall's America Makes Scrap Quilts in 2008.  Linda W. pieced the back. I did the applique and the quilting. Linda bound and labeled it.

Another Daisy Patch is underway for Bonnie, another chapter sister who is also moving to Florida. Linda W. and I have the same division of labor. It's all assembled and I have begun quilting it. Bonnie's last meeting is June 14.

I finally made a green bubble block for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

"Chocqua" is the color combination for my next Heartstrings

Check out other quilters' holiday doings at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Fabulous quilt! Love the daisies!!

  2. Have always loved parades. Especially the marching bands. And I love the inclusion that your church embraces.

  3. Your daisy quilt is lovely. The colors just pop. Great parade photos, too.

  4. The daisy quilt is awesome. I bet it's one of those quilt patterns you don't mind making twice!

  5. I agree with Ramona, your daisy quilt is lovely.

  6. The daisy quilt is beautiful. So sad that someone has to leave to get one.

  7. Those Daisy Patch quilts are going to be treasured. Congratulations on the green bubble block!

  8. Love the Daisy Patch quilts!!!

  9. Love those Daisy Patch quilts. Nice green blocks. Enjoying watching you make this blocks in each month's color. I never tire of looking at Heart String quilts.


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