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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Warm up with a good book

On Tuesday I got to do one of my favorite things -- give a book talk.  My presentation was to Chapter JS of P.E.O.  It is based in Northbrook, my home town. I grew up considering it "the other" chapter because my mother belonged to, well, the other Northbrook chapter.  There were about 30 women (when my chapter meetings have 10 we cheer), most of whom I didn't know -- but there were several I did know. One woman said, "Your mother and I were in the Art Associates for years. She gave me a cross-stitch picture of the Art Institute lions that I still have on my wall." 

Here are the books I featured. Some are new, some are older, and all are good.  
Harman, Patricia.
The Midwife of Hope River.  A midwife in rural West Virginia during the Depression. She has a mysterious past. 
The Reluctant Midwife.  (March, 2015)

Hashimi. Nadia.
The Pearl That Broke Its Shell.   I heard the author speak at ALA Midwinter.  Two strong women in the misogynistic culture of Afghanistan, contemporary and a century ago. 

Miley, Mary.
The Impersonator. (Reviewed here )
Silent Murders.  Sequel to The Impersonator. 

Schoemperlen, Diane.
Our Lady of the Lost and Found.

Tyler, Anne.
A Spool of Blue Thread. (February, 2015) (Reviewed  here )

# # # # #
Hunt, Linda Lawrence.
Bold Spirit: Helga Estby’s Forgotten Walk Across North America.   973.8 
I've reviewed this wonderful story many times. More here )

Pressman, Steven.
Fifty Children.        940.5318

Przybyszewski, Linda.
The Lost Art of Dress.        746.92  (Reviewed here)

Rupp, Rebecca.
How Carrots Won the Trojan War.   635

# # # # #
 I remind the audience of  Nancy Pearl’s  Rule of 50: "If you’re fifty or younger, read fifty pages of a book before deciding to commit to it or give it up. If you’re over fifty, subtract your age from 100, and use that as the number of pages to read before quitting. Using that formula, when you are 100 you can simply judge a book by its cover."

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