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Sunday, February 15, 2015

DWM: piece in haste, rip at leisure

 I decided to try a HeartStrings "Sharon" quilt in 30's prints. I had the strips laid out in order on the cutting table and made four batches of six blocks, then two batches of twelve blocks. When I began to sew the blocks together I found out that I had pieced twelve blocks in a different sequence than the other 36. If I can't resew the trips in the correct sequence I can cut more strips -- fortunately the error occurred on the outer corners and I have enough left of those particular prints.

Left: 36 blocks, assembled.
Right: 12 blocks, incorrect sequence. (But on second look, there is one correct block among the 12.)

I assembled the Lady of the Lake blocks from Nancy's recent swap. I am undecided about the border. I have enough of the blue batik (on the left) for a slab border. But what about piano keys?  Are these too dark?  I don't think I want a narrow blue/wide white border.

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times  and  Beth's Love Laugh Quilt.


  1. So neatly done!!! Very impressed and a bit jealous too :-)

  2. Your Lady of the Lake quilt is beautiful. I find my eye staying on the piano key border, but it slides over the batik border and onto your beautiful blocks. Lovely!

  3. I've always wanted to make lady of the lake! So pretty. Border will be great whatever you decide.

  4. Hiya Nann! As usual, you are so very productive and the Sharon 1930's blocks look wonderful together!

    On the Lady Of The Lakes top, how would you feel about using a narrow (2", maybe?) cheddar inner border, then the dark blue piano keys, then bind off with cheddar? It would introduce a new accent color, but perhaps you were hoping to keep this pure blue & white.

    1. Hmmmm.....I will audition cheddar (or cheddar-ish), or something contrasty.

  5. I really like the movement the orientation and colours of your lady in the lake blocks give the quilt. Looks lovely!

  6. Oh my, what lovely ladies! I find the piano keys distracting from the lovely blocks. Just love the batik. What was the question?

  7. I hate it when I find piecing errors. Hope it's not bad of a fix. I think either border would work on the Lady of the Lake, but I would probably put a narrow white border between the blocks and the dark blue.

  8. Love the quilts. I like the piano key border. But that's just me. It'll look awesome whatever you decide

  9. oooh i like that setting and yes piano keys are gorgeous!

  10. I really like the piano key border. It seems to "go" with the main portion. A very dark blue inner border could be used to give the eye a place to rest before the piano keys.


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