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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stash report for January

I'm going to try to be intentional about checking in with Judy's weekly Stash Report   As with other behaviors, it's easier to do that when you've been behaving positively (not buying, not eating, doing the exercises, flinging out junk) than when you've been behaving negatively.

January summary:
Acquired:  Zero
Used: 36-3/8 yards
Started and finished:  2 quilts
Created: 3 flimsies
Sold: 3 flimsies

Note that not only did I not acquire fabric in January, I did not acquire any in November or December.


  1. Wow Nann, you are always so prolific. Awesome numbers.

  2. Great job. Are you reporting weekly or monthly? I can't figure it out more than once a month. I'd rather be doing something else. Plus, I only count fabric as used when I've finished the whole project or sent blocks out of the house.

  3. Great numbers. Just curious, how do you sell your flimsies?


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