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Monday, January 26, 2015

DWM: a finish, a start, and good-bye

"Dots, All Right" is finished: quilted, bound, labeled.   Here's a picture of the pieced back.  I had just enough of the vintage (36" wide) red/white polka dot fabric.  I thought I had centered the top on the backing but obviously the top had other ideas. Let's just call it a design element.

I posted a picture of the top last week, but if you missed it:

I have a commission to make a quilt for my friends Bill and Elaine's granddaughter Julia's high school graduation this spring. Elaine asked that I use Julia's college colors. She's going to go to the University of Virginia, so the colors are blue, orange, and white.  Do you ever have design ideas lodge themselves in your mind and not budge? When Pat Sloan posted photos of "Not Afraid to Fly," a block design by Carrie Nelson (block pattern here) I immediately imagined it made in UVA colors.  I leafed through other block and quilt patterns but I kept coming back to this one.  I realized it was high time to quit contemplating and start sewing. Here's what I have so far. 

The blocks are 12.5" unfin./12" fin. I think I am going to make 20 blocks (48"x60").  I could go "modern" and thus no border.  With a white background I think of fingermarks so I think a narrow orange border and a wider blue border.  (Or perhaps I can find a blue/orange print.) 

If you click on the "flimsy completion" tab you'll see that my to-be-quilted list is shorter. One of my 2015 goals was to decide what to do with long-time flimsies languishing in the box. I listed three of them on the Facebook group Quilters' Virtual Yard Sale. Within fifteen minutes I had ten replies. I also got a couple of semi-chiding comments saying that I set the prices too low.  I completed the transaction with the first to post and in the process learned how to receive funds from PayPal. (I already knew how to pay with PayPal! )

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers this Monday at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. Dots, All Right is fabulous! I love a pieced back and this one is fun!
    I know what you mean about getting something stuck in your head. :) This is the perfect block for a young college student. She is going to be thrilled with it.
    Congrats on your flimsy sales.

  2. Your finished quilt is great! And I really like your "design element" on the back. I just printed the pattern for the "Not Afraid to Fly" pattern. It's a keeper!!

  3. Great finish on the Dots quilt. I really like your back and the row of extra fabrics is definitely a design element. Great start on the UVA quilt for Julia. Let me know if you want me to look for some UVA fabric around here. I know there is a ton of Va. Tech fabric so I suspect there is UVA fab too. Sat and Sun I'm hitting quilt stores so will be able to let you know. You didn't pick an easy quilt to make either, did you? How many flying geese will you be making??? Knowing you, it'll be done by next week! LOL I do like that block a lot.

  4. Really nice finish! I like your orange/white/blue flying geese blocks--they have a lot of movement to them. I'll bet Julia will be thrilled...hugs, Julierose

  5. Love the variety of blues and oranges in your UVA quilt. One can really offend if she doesn't get the school colors "just right" (think UTx orange vs UTn orange). Not only is the variety more interesting, but it lets you off the hook!

  6. gorgeous blocks nann....will be lovely when finished and no doubt cherished....and ignore discouraging do what you think is right....

  7. Your "Dots" quilt looks great. Love the blue and orange blocks. I've had a couple of instances where I've seen a pattern and knew right then it was exactly right for a project I had in mind. One of those was like your Afraid to Fly blocks in that the quilt was to be made in Oklahoma State University colors for a favorite teacher. I love it when the pattern and the fabric just click like that.

  8. Not afraid to fly is beautiful!!!


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