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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday quilt link up

Here is my reponse to Bonnie's invitation to post our holiday quilts.
I made Good Cheer! in 2013 with blocks from the Progressive Swap. 
You can read more about it, and see the bargain-Christmas-fabric backing here

I made two patchwork Christmas pillows long ago and bring them out every year. The pine tree was inspired by a Marti Michell quilt called "Cardinal in the Pines." I no longer have the book and I keep meaning to interlibrary loan a copy so I can get thae pattern to make a bed-sized quilt.  The wreath was in McCall's Quick Quilts. The pattern called for appliqueing circles for the berries. I opted for buttons. 

Today's fabric decision: which vintage tablecloth will I put on the table for Christmas dinner? I checked the inventory and found all of these. 
 Same design, two different fabrics (one is linen, the other sort of rayon-y).
 Poinsettias are ever-popular. (I have lots of poinsettia-print quilt fabrics, too.)
 This one is signed.  I have found other Dearden-designed textiles on eBay but haven't searched deeply enough to find out about him.
 Never-used napkins. Four pine boughs, three poinsettias.

Table runners. The one on the left hasn't been used.  You often see evenly-spaced identical motifs on runners or table cloths. That's because they were designed to be able to be cut apart, hemmed, and sold as napkins.

I have some vintage Christmas dishtowels, too, but if I open the dishtowel box I will not get anything else done today.

See other Christmas quilts in the linkup at Bonnie's Quiltville.


  1. I'd say you are ready for Christmas! Those printed tablecloths bring back memories of Gramma's kitchen.

  2. Doing this Linky I see I need more Christmas Quilty Things! Love the Vintage Table cloth fabrics.

  3. fabulous vintage linens! did you inherit them or collect them?

    1. Thanks, Brenda -- I collected them. My mother had a lot of linens but screen prints like these were not her style.


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