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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

30's Bin Bust

I thought I should be quantitative as well as qualitative about my 30's bin bust project.  I weighed the stash: 27 pounds. At 4 yards per pound, that's 108 yards. The weighing came after I completed the Pentland Crackers flimsy which used 3-3/8 yds of 30's (and 5-1/8 yds in all).

One shelf, two boxes. (The stack to the immediate left of the boxes is not 30's.)  

30's Crackers. Approx. 72 x 82. 

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  1. Crackers is the perfect pattern for 30s fabric! Great job beginning your destash of 30s fabrics, first by counting what's there. How exciting it will be to see the fabrics made into something useful, although they do have value on the shelf by being ... simply beautiful!


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