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Sunday, August 24, 2014

DWM: Quilty confessions and a giveaway!

Melanie at  Catbird Quilts listed "ten quilty little secrets" and suggested that her readers do the same.

Of course, if we do that they are no longer secrets. Perhaps quilty confessions is a better description.

Here are mine.  You may consider me heretical.  I consider myself practical. :)

1.  I don't pin unless I need an absolute match.
2.  When I do pin, I sew over them.
3.  I iron more often than I press.  With steam.
4.  I use Gutermann poly thread for piecing and quilting. It comes in a huge array of colors and it is often on sale at Joann's.  It works just fine.  (I also use Aurifil. And Gutermann cotton. But mostly Gutermann poly.)
5.  I rarely buy fabric with a specific project in mind. I buy fabric because I like it.
6.  I rarely pay full price for fabric. (Actually, I avoid paying full price for anything. That is a practice that goes back decades. Purists may argue that buying stuff on sale and not using it is ultimately more expensive than buying stuff at full price and using it until it is consumed or worn out.  I combine on sale + extensive use and get good value.)
7.  If a design on a commercial pattern appeals to me I try to chart it out.  If I can't, and if it still appeals to me, I will buy it.
8.  I buy fabric at Joann's.  I avoid the truly flimsy stuff (and there is a lot of it).
9.  I don't always pin borders from the middle.
10.  Life is too short to spend hours hand-sewing bindings. I attach them by machine. I sew the binding to the back of the quilt, then pull it over to the front and top-stitch. I usually use a zigzag stitch as a "signature." I sew the side bindings. Then I sew the top and bottom bindings. I don't miter the corners.  No one who has received or bought a quilt I've made has complained.

Now it's your turn!  For your chance to win a book-and-a-bundle combination, reply to this post. In your reply list at least four of your own quilty confessions.  If you have more, that's great!  Be sure your reply links to your email address so I can notify you if you're the winner.  The drawing will be Saturday, August 30. The drawing will be Friday, August 29. (That way I can mail the prizes on Saturday.)  (I will ship to U.S. or Canadian addresses only.)
Autumn colors bundle

Cool colors bundle

I am linking up with other quiltmakers for Design Wall Monday at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. Wonderful! You sound like a neighbor and friend -- the kind of quilter I'd enjoy spending time with. :)

    Confessions: 1) I sometimes feel self-conscious when people ask "what do you do?" and I answer "I'm a quilter." It doesn't sound like much that way, even though it is BIG in my life. 2) I really want other quilters and crafters and women and humans to feel powerful, to know how they are so special in the world. 3) It's a struggle to figure out how to release that power, both in myself and in others. 4) I love reading other quilters' blogs.

    1. You're the inspiring blogger, Melanie!

  2. lost my entire original post {sigh}
    1-seldom use pins, but when I do I tend to sew over them
    2-the fabric for my daughter's first quilt cost more than the fabric for my last 4 quilts
    3-I often by fabric that catches my attention with no specific design in mind - both quilts and clothing
    4-I also buy fabric at JoAnns, but sometimes my kids fall in love with fabric they see at Walmart
    5-I have several quilt tops waiting for me to figure out how I want to finish them.....or because I don't have batting to use......

    1. #5 -- if you buy batting by the roll that will eliminate that reason for procrastinating.

  3. I *STEAM* - ALWAYS. I attempt to press, but I end up IRONING... who can break habits you've had for 50 years?
    I use my UGLY fabric when trying to decide if I can *really* make a block, or if it just isn't going to work for me.
    If I like a fabric, I buy a minimum of 2 yards. If I *REALLY* like it, I buy the whole bolt. NO PROJECT IN MIND...
    Lastly, I have a sewing room OVERFLOWING with fabric... I go in and admire, thinking I can toss or donate some of it, but I love it all and just cannot give any away... sigh.

    1. There's no such thing as having too much fabric.

  4. 1) I get hurt when people say I am too young to be a quilter or ask if I want a rocking chair. I am only 32.
    2) I have promised more quilts then I can afford to buy supplies to make.
    3) I use embroidery thread because it is all I have to work with.
    4) I buy my fabrics from wherever is the cheapest but good quality.
    5) I have 3 quilt tops started but can't afford the material to finish them.

    1. What do you need to complete those tops? I may have something that will work....

  5. Darn..... I had to switch accounts, and my comment disappeared! I'll try again....
    1) When I buy fabric, especially more expensive quilting fabric, I tend to sneak it into the house. 2) I buy fabric "just because it speaks to me", or because it is on clearance! 3) I have more fabric than I could quilt in my lifetime! 4) Probably half of my fabric is my mom's stash... I sure hope one of my kids appreciates my stash as much as I have appreciated hers!

  6. 1st - I don't buy patterns because I can usually figure out how to make it from the picture
    2nd - I have almost a hundred quilt tops, wish the long at fairy would deliver that machine soon
    3rd - I alt collect the scraps from all the gals at quilt retreat - they aren't going to make scrap quilts, but I do
    4th - my stash will outlive me...several times over

  7. Hint: switch to the "comment as" first or you'll lose your comment! Take two:

    1. I have a lot of partial quilts, but few finished ones. The finished ones have mostly been given as gifts. 2. I buy fabric I like without a specific pattern in mind. Then later I have to find stuff to go with it, once I decide on a design. 3. I don't think I've ever bought a quilt pattern, other than a couple of applique' designs. I mostly draw out my own, or refer to one of those 1000+ quilt block books or quilter's cache online. 4. I used to buy at the local quilt shop. Now, with financial constraints, I buy the best I can find at JoAnn's and Hancock's. 5. I've actually purchased a JoAnn's block of the the end of the year, when it was on sale...and I had to go to three stores to find all the pieces! The blocks are complete except for a little applique', and assembling the rows. A move intervened, and it's in a box somewhere.

    I especially love the blue and yellow pack above! My two favorite colors! :)

  8. 1. I pin a lot
    2. When someone compliments me on my quilt, I start pointing out my mistakes
    3. I sometimes sew over pins
    4. I stash money away to be used in quilt shops only 😊

    1. #2 -- it's hard to just be gracious and say "thank you." I keep trying!

  9. Okay, here goes:
    1 - I use lots of pins & I sew over most of them, especially the ones at seam intersections.
    2 - I have way too much fabric, but I still get a monthly shipment of FQs from an online quilt shop. And I've purchased the same fabric a couple of times because I don't know everything in my stash.
    3 - I too sew my bindings on by machine. Hand sewing them takes up too much time that I'd rather spend playing in my fabric stash.
    4 - I have stacks of quilt tops waiting to be quilted, but I keep making more quilt tops.
    5 - I've made only one quilt that matched the pattern exactly - even the same fabric. Pretty but boring.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Since I started out a "garment maker" I iron with lots of steam. I don't measure the center to cut my sashings, I add my finished block sizes and add 1/2 ". Works every time.

  11. 1. I love making a quilt ALL out of leftovers.
    2. Sometimes I use sheets for a backing. If it's not large enough, I'll split it and add an insert.
    3. Heat 'n Bond Lite is sufficient for all my fusible needs.
    4. I like to make a pieced quilt and then add a big applique on top of it all.
    5. I like hand - sewing down the binding on SOME quilts, just to make the recipient wonder "HOW did she DO that?"
    And 6. When I do pin, I sew right over them, too.♡

    1. #2 -- cotton sheets from thrift shops can be a great buy.

  12. oh Nann, I think we are sisters! here are my confessions!
    1. I get easily sidetracked. there are so many wonderful quilts to be made, and I want to make them all!
    2. I usually don't measure my borders, I slap them on! I am very careful not to pull as I sew.
    3. I seem to forget to label my quilts. I taught for years how to label your quilts. I am so bad!
    4. I agree with you in so many WAYS! #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8. to know there are others that do the same is very liberating! thank you!!!
    5. I would love a very tidy sewing room, but it's usually messy. sigh....
    6. I usually work on several projects at a time.
    7. I spend way too much time on the computer!
    I would love to win! thanks for the chance!

  13. 1. I don't like using scraps and usually donate them all rather than save them... what I don't donate I chuck.
    2. I don't like quilting as much as making tops and frequently pay others to quilt my quilts - even though I own a longarm
    3. I am very precise when I cut and piece, and so I rarely need to pin to get things to match up... when I do pin, it is only to match points,
    4. I love machine raw edge applique (maybe even more than piecing) but I absolutely hate the process of hand applique (though I admire the finished product and those who do it).
    5. I have an extensive stash but still buy fabric for new projects even though I have things in my stash that would work just as well.

    Anne Sidell

  14. 1-I do not pre-wash fabric (although I do test suspicious fabrics and act accordingly.
    2-Sometimes a project bores me. When that happens, it has to wait until I am again in the mood.
    3-I often sew over pins, hardly ever pin except for borders (and that is an experiment).
    4-I love the look of applique but do not have that kind of patience. I now have a kit of pre-cut, pre-fused applique pieces to make a quilt. Trying to decide how to break the news to my applique purist friend.
    5-My sewing room is so out of control I am sewing in a different room.

    1. #2 -- I find that forcing myself to work on something often results in errors/ripping and dissatisfaction.

  15. 1- I have not finished one full sized quilt.
    2- I have not sewn in many months.
    3- I have to have all my fabric spread out and ready to cut before I can start a project.
    4- I think about, read about, dream about quilting more often than I have ever cut, pieced, etc.

    Thanks for the cool chance!

    : )

  16. 1. I have yet to make a quilt just for my bed. 2. I only hand quilt. I am scared to use my machine or try FMQ. 3. I do not prewash fabric. 4. I started quilting only doing applique, or paper piecing. I am just now enjoying piecing blocks with my machine. 5. I need to organize my fabric much better.
    6. I sometimes sneak fabric purchases into the house, so my husband won't notice. 7. I see too many ideas on Pinterest and blogs to ever make everything I want.

  17. 1. I don't pin either.
    2. I don't prewash fabric ever.
    3. I have more fabric than I will use in a lifetime. it's overflowing from my fabric closet.
    4. I've been known to stretch or smoosh pieces to make my seam come out even.
    5. I do buy patterns. I have more than I will ever use in my lifetime.

    Love reading everyone's quilty little secrets!

  18. 1. I never pre-wash my fabric. I have had a few reds run, you'd think I would learn.
    2. My sewing room has to be completely organized before I can start a new project. Kind of anal about that.
    3. If I see something I like I will try and figure out the pattern from the picture. If that doesn't go well I will buy the pattern.
    4. I am not a bargain shopper, if I see material I like or want I will just buy it.

  19. 1. I hide chocolate in my sewing room.
    2. I let new quilters shop in my stash.
    3. My husband is helping me cut out the quilts and pin them when I am ready to quilt them.
    4. I love making quilts for random family members and then just sending it to them with a note. It really brightens their day, and I love the responses.

  20. What a fun topic!!
    1. I tend to talk about quilting more than I do it!
    2. I like to buy fabric just to have it.

  21. Oh no! Poof went my post! 2nd try...
    1. I do pin and then sew over them dispite my best efforts
    2. I finger press the small stuff rather than run across the room to iron
    3. My stash and workspace has expanded from 1 closet and a sewing machine in the corner of one room to 2 closets...half the den for my quilter and scrap stash... and my now grown daughter's bedroom for sewing machines and stash.
    4. I have 7 sewing machines, a serger and a midarm
    5. I bargain shop most of the time but do splurge on full price fabric to find the perfect piece for a current project.

  22. 1. I have more fabric than I can ever use. 2. I pin a lot! 3. I buy quality fabric wherever I find it. 4. I've spent the last 3 years sewing from my scraps and I'm STILL finding stashes of scraps! 5. I try to learn something new from each quilt I start, whether it's a new technique or a new process. 6. I have absolutely NO guilt over the time and money I've spent on quilting. It's a wonderful creative outlet!

  23. Oh my...........confessions!!!!
    1. I only buy fabric when it's on sale or I have a coupon. (Budgets, you know!)
    2. I try to always include a polka dot fabric in my quilts.
    3. I love sewing little gifts, so I do as much of that as I do quilts.
    4. I am not a pre-washer! (It's too exciting to get started cutting and sewing!)
    5. I often 'do my own thing' instead of using a pattern.
    6. My sewing room is ALWAYS a huge mess with stacks of scraps and new fabrics everywhere!
    Jonnie in SC dbrit89828 at aol dot com

  24. 1. I have only finished two quilts, and they are nearly identical since I made them for my twins.
    2. I really like buying fabric in precut sets since I don't trust my own ability to coordinate colors and prints.
    3. I use a really cheap sewing machine with hardly any features.
    4. I aspire to have an embarrassingly large fabric stash someday. It is currently tiny.

  25. 1. I have over 100 UF's and that's my worst confession.
    2. I only buy on sale unless there is a very specific need.
    3. I begin a quilt with excellent intentions of cutting patiently, sewing correctly and finishing perfectly. After an hr. or so all the resolutions go out the window and I just have some fun.
    4. I spend way too much time on the computer when I could be quilting.,
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I like the cool packet.

  26. 1. I have never made a quilt from beginning to finish in one effort I always have several going at once. Do I get bored easily or is it that I am easily distracted?! :0P
    2. I rotary cut at my elevated table...barefooted!
    3. After years of making quilts for kids and grandkids, I am finally quilting for our use.
    4. I would have been thrilled to have lived and sewn in the 1930's and 1940's. All I would have needed was a straight stitch sewing machine and a supply of feedsacks!
    5. But..... if I were 40 years younger, I would purchase and jump into learning how to use a long arm!

    1. #1 -- that's Quilters' ADD!
      #2 -- livin' on the edge, eh? (be careful!)

  27. Oh, so many! 1--I hate using pins so rarely do; 2 -- I would rather make up my own pattern than follow directions; 3 -- If I do follow directions, I tend to just try to figure it out from the pictures and not read it; 4 -- I am stubborn about using a thimble. 5 -- I love quality fabric, but still often go for the less expensive.

  28. 1. I don't quilt my own tops. I just don't enjoy that part, so I'm not going to do it.
    2. I have many, many tops complete just waiting for the $$ to have them quilted. If I die with unquilted tops, my heirs will have to have them longarmed.
    3. My seven siblings all want quilts. My seven in-laws all want quilts. I can't afford to make them all quilts!
    4.I sew in my bedroom, and I fell bad my husband has to put up with the mess.
    5. I only own one working sewing machine. I don't covet a featherweight.
    6. I LOVE rulers!
    7. I won't use a dull rotary blade.

  29. (1) I do not prewash unless the fabric is going to be used in a t-shirt quilt with t-shirts that have already shrunk.
    (2) I prefer designs in which there are no seams to match.
    (3) I do not free-motion machine quilt.
    (4) I rarely keep what I make, typically giving it to someone who is special to me in some way.

  30. Haha! Yours sound a LOT like mine.
    1) I rarely pin.
    2) I'm an emotional buyer (I buy fabric because it's pretty, but sometimes get the wrong kind or amount).
    3) My ADD kicks in often and I move to the next project before the first (or third or twentieth) is finished.
    4) I hesitate to call myself a quilter because I only have tops competed- I can't decide if I want to try to quilt them myself and maybe "mess them up" or save up to get them quilted.
    5) My husband does not understand and only partially supports my fabric addiction, so I stash new fabric around the house like a squirrel hiding nuts.

  31. Oh dear! We're telling secrets??? Well, I suppose since you told us yours, I'll tell you a few of mine :*)
    1. My stash is taking over my life and I will never live long enough to sew it all up - and I don't care!!!
    2. I do pin and sometimes glue, I'm finicky that way.
    3. I also sew over pins, but I go very slowly and use the really ultra fine ones so it's usually okay.
    4. I have a severe case of "lust of the eyes" - if I see a project I like, it's almost impossible for me to not want to make it, no matter how many projects I already have in process.
    5. I am growing just as bad with knitting stash & projects as I am with quilting :)

  32. 1. I sew over pins too, when I use them.
    2. I iron instead of press. Sometimes with steam.
    3. I buy fabric at Joann's.
    4. I thought I was the only one who sewed binding on one side at a time. Sides first, then top and bottom. No mitering. I think its easier to handle that way. And back to front, finishing by machine zig zag on the front.
    Reading all the comments has been very interesting.

  33. 1. I am a fabric "collector", yardage, pre-cuts, scraps - I love it all and have way too much for three lifetimes.
    2. I rarely pin.
    3. I never square up my quilts before quilting them.
    4. I have 10 sewing machines, and my favorite to use is a Singer 301 from the 1960s.
    5. My main piecing thread is Coats and Clark from Wal-Mart, and sometimes I use it for machine quilting.
    6. I piece batting whenever possible to use it up.
    7. My sewing room sometimes looks like a fabric explosion has hit.
    8. I don't enjoy hand applique and don't really like all that hexagon stuff.

  34. I can't sew over pins...guilt. I start many projects and finish some (years later). I too buy fabric that I love w/o a clue of what to do with it. I piece late at night after getting up with insomnia. My husband has to pick threads off my clothes before we go into church and other places too. I'm obsessed with quilting but don't want the cure. QUILT ON! Diann

  35. Well, here are mine -- lots the same as others, but a few new ones:
    1. I lust for fabric. 2. I never make anything but scrap quilts and they turn out beautiful. 3. I farm out my machine quilting because it hurts my body. 3. If I feel in a rut, I'll just go into my "fabric pantry" and just fondle things; maybe I'll fold fabric and pile it neatly, but maybe not. 4. I have UFO's, but I encouraged our guild to have a UFO auction to benefit a local food pantry, so I feel very OK about selling them to someone else to finish. 5. I impose artificial deadlines for myself or I'd never get anything done. 6. I'd much rather sew with other people, at their houses or mine, than to sew alone. 7. I could be a professional procrastinator, if only there was a demand for such a profession.

  36. This is a great discussion!
    1. When married, I used to hide fabric purchases from my husband- don’t know why- it was thousands cheaper than the deer lease that not result in any deer.
    2. I rarely pin, and sew over them
    3. I have been known to buy the bolt- but only at great sales
    4. My corners and points don’t always match
    5. I am not a fabric snob and would be hard pressed to name 5 designers or manufacturers.
    6. I have not quilted my second quilt- over 40 years old and made with a lot of white twill
    7. I use Maxi Lock poly thread to piece and quilt with. No problems or complaints
    8. My sewing table is not as neat as it should be and I once accidentally added a scrap to the back of the quilt while machine quilting
    9. I have only taken 3 classes and 2 workshops in 42 years.
    10. I hate applique and have only appliqued 8 fusible butterfly bodies since 1983
    Teresa in TX

  37. 1. I dig through my friends scrap baskets for fabric.
    2. I always iron with steam.
    3. I have way more quilts than I can use in a life time.
    4. I have a bolt of muslin in the trunk of my car, waiting for the right time to bring it into the house.
    5. I often don't fix mistakes I make in quilt blocks. I've decided I can live with the mistakes.
    6. I had to have a Featherweight and have never used it.

  38. 1. I use a small hook crochet hook to help me tie knots, grab the thread by the sewing machine needle, get lint out of iron holes, etc.
    2. Buy fabric on sale.
    3. Only buy fabric I like, ugly won't be used.
    4. Try to draw out patterns instead of buying them.

  39. 1. I think I plan more than I quilt. 2. I don't press nearly as much as I should and always promise myself to do more but catch myself not. 3.I have become obsessed with collecting machines. I own 8 sewing machines and a long arm and still want a 301. 4.I use whatever thread I have on hand. I never liked scrap quilts before but now I love them and probably will cut up anything in my stash and make scraps. 5. I haven't bought more than 10 yards of fabric over the past 3 years since i started scrap quilting. Only whats absolutely necessary. 6.I tend to get so far and stop and start a new project.6. I have been longarming for over 9 years and I have only done a couple of small hangings of my own when I was practicing.

  40. LOL - for a second or two there, I thought you might have been reading my mind!
    1. All of my fabric, with few exceptions, has been bought either on sale, closeout, or on a class discount (10-15% off).
    2. Thread - I use mostly Aurafil, but have also all this wonderful thread that my dd gifted me - stuff that she didn't want - and use that!
    3. I HATE pinning - when I do, I can guarantee that the pin will shift things - and therefore only pin when I absolutely have to!
    4. I have or have developed ADD as an adult (probably had it all along, just didn't notice before now!) - and hence my 70+ projects that I'm TRYING to complete now! (resisting all the way!!!)
    5. I would gladly machine bind - but - it isn't something I would ever want to show off! Haven't tried the zig zag on it though!
    6. I definitely iron and only press when I'm at a class where I will be told (repeatedly) to press, not iron!
    7. I seldom buy fabric with a pattern in mind! I buy it because I like it! And sometimes I may design a pattern around the fabric (and frequently forget what the pattern I figured out is before I get it home!)
    8. I buy fabric sometimes at LQS, but mostly my favorite place is MENARD'S in Maine. I went there with the thought of buying only 20-25 dollars worth - but ended putting over $300 on my card!!!! And it was ALL on discount!!!
    9. Most of my clothes have either thread or CAT hairs on them - even after going through the washer or dryer. A definite disadvantage when I'm trying to impress someone or out with my allergic dil!
    10. While I have all kinds of yardage on the shelves that I dearly love, I enjoy most sewing from scraps and truly have to restrain myself from leaping and grabbing the scrap bag at the LQS shop!

    from Helen

  41. 1. I keep my sewing studio picked up at all times 2) I never start a new project until the last one is totally done - label attached and all. 3) Surprise - after quilting for 15 years I have no UFO's. 4) I buy my fabric at JoAnns or Hancocks for my charity or donated quilts.

    Deb B -

  42. 1. I try to use free patterns off the internet whenever possible.
    2. I buy fabric at thrift stores and yard sales.
    3. I have 2 quilt tops waiting to be quilted but I an too tight to pay the $100 to have it done.
    4. I am afraid to try to learn how to quilt on my small machine.

  43. 1. sew over pins
    2.don't like to hand applique
    3. have too many UFO's
    4. like to quilt rather than clean

  44. My first quilt would never get past the quilt police. All kinds of fabric mixed together. Squares and rectangles sewn together then cut into 12" squares. Still in good shape 20+ years later and used constantly. I usually only pin long strips so I don't get ruffles. Save BOM patterns and rarely use them but did finish two already this year. I don't always match the thread to the fabric. I don't worry about seams matching on scrap quilts.

  45. 1. When my husband wants me to return something he bought I keep the money to go fabric shopping.
    2. When I buy something I don't want I return it and keep the to go fabric shopping.
    3. When I get a gift I din't want I return it and keep the money to go fabric shopping.
    4. When I go to the grocery tore I take out an extra $20.00 at checkout and keep it to go fabric shopping.

  46. This is fun!
    1. I don't pin. Like not ever.
    2. Inspiration overload: I plan many more projects than I actually sew, and I have too many UFOs
    3. Measurements are fudged in my sewing room, and points are missing here and there. No quilt police allowed in my world!!.
    4. I have more fabric than I will ever use, but I continue to buy more because I like it
    I absolutely love the Autumn bundle :)

  47. 1. I've been known to dig in the trash at quilt classes for other people's scraps.
    2. I pin and sew over them.
    3. I buy newsprint for paper piecing by the ream (at an online art store) instead of 100 pages for $15 at my LQS
    4. I search the internet for days to find a pattern I like for free instead of buying it - which is a huge time waster but gives me joy.

  48. 1. I try not to pin, if I can help it
    2. I buy most of my fabric at JoAnns
    3. I use poly thread all the time
    4. I haven't actually finished (quilted & bound) a quilt yet...

  49. Nann (and also Melanie) thanks for starting this! Very fun to read them all. Here are mine:
    1. I buy secondhand fabric to quilt with. I know some say WHY?and all but I know good fabric from bad and for me getting that fabric back into usable projects is something that makes me feel akin to the quilters before me.
    2. That being said I do buy new fabric now and then at the quilt shop. Civil war repros and 1930 repros mainly. But I would still rather spend $8 on a real civil war era quilt block at the antique shop than on a yard of unfinished fabric.
    3. I use very thin pins when I need a seam to match--and yes I do sew over some of them.
    4. I use all kinds of estate and garage sale and thrift shop thread spools to piece with but only Auriful cotton to free motion quilt. My newest machine (Pfaff) will only free motion quilt well with Aurifil.
    5. bonus fact: I plan to use up ofer 200 yards of fabric this year alone. Yep. More than half way there! :D

    1. Congratulations on reaching the 100+ yard mark for the year!

  50. Great post.
    1. I rarely pin, but I do remove them before sewing over them. If you hit one, it may mess up the timing of the machine and that's not fun to fix.
    2. I buy fabric wherever I find it-joann's, yard sales, quilt shops, online, ebay and even walmart if they have what I need.
    3. I do not bind by hand. I attach binding to the front and then fold it to the back and stitch in the ditch to catch the back binding.
    4. I quit buying quilty magazines. There is just too much info that I can't find when I need it. I rely on the internet for inspiration and usually figure out how to make quilts I like or sometimes I will buy a pattern to learn a new technique.I do buy Bonnie Hunter's books though.

  51. OMG your quilting philosophy sound like mine, here we go:
    1) I don’t really pin;
    2) I chain pieces, finger press them, nested seams and continue to sew the block together.
    3) I iron them at the end. I find press seam open makes block look more flat then press seam on one side. I used to iron after each every seam I sewed, but now I skip this step and save some time to do more piecing work.
    4) I also buy fabric from Joann; well I usually buy from left over section or deep discount (red tag) section if I see something I like. I bring them home and worry about it later, I know, it’s kind of bad habit but I can’t help it.
    5) I also buy fabric from website when they have at least 40-50% sale. I usually buy fat quarter bundles.
    6) I do machine binding, front and back. No hand sewing for me due to arthritis condition I have on my fingers.
    7) I love Moda Bake Shop website, they provide great deal of free patterns that I can use it for my whole life. I also collect free patterns from McCall’s Quilting website and their quilt alone project; I follow Fat Quarter Shop’s free patterns as well.
    8) I take quilting classes from Craftsy.
    9) I don’t like “curve piecing” at all, it is hard and it takes up too much time, but deep in my heart, I really would like to try it later.

  52. 1. I am obsessive presser-with steam
    2. I love glue for quilts! What a great tool.
    3. I never throw a quilting magazine away, I page through them for hours. (Is this why I have UFO's??)
    4. My favorite sewing machines are all older than I am. I confess to having 25 and many of them have names--Becca, Louann, Irene, Willa, Evelyn.

  53. Hi, Susan B from
    Fun topic, here are my quilty confessions:
    1. I enjoy watching cheesy romance, vampire (non-cheesy), x-files or Resident Evil movies when I sew. Since I look like "a mom" (don't ask what that means, I don't know) I have gotten dropped jaws about this.
    2. I LOVE cutting. When I have insomnia and don't want to bother anyone I will cut to my heart's content.
    3. I hate modern quilts. I look at ones with a couple strips and squares and wonder what?
    4. If I am matching something that is important, like Dear Jane blocks, if after 2 tries I cannot get the seam I use a glue stick in the seam allowance so that it will match on the 3rd try.

  54. Ahem,

    1. I have NEVER done a stash inventory or report.

    2. My stern hubby reports that last month I spent $ 583.00 online on fabrics from sales.

    3. I not only iron rather than press my blocks, I starch, starch, starch!

    4. My ironing board cover is always discolored from all that starch.

    thanks so much for the chance to bare my quilty soul!

    1. Remind Felix that you could have spent $583 at the casino and come home with nothing. :)
      (Of course he would say, sure, but you might have won the jackpot.)

  55. 1. I raid the trash after our guild stitch-ins for tiny scraps that I sew together for scrappies.
    2. I buy fabric at thrift stores and yard sales.
    3. I dream about owning a fabric and fiber retail store.
    4. I want to quit my day job and be a full time fabric and fiber artist.

  56. Love reading these confessions!
    1. Surfaces in sewing room are so stacked that I must still sew in the dining room.
    2. I am afraid I won't live long enough to use all my stash. (But I've taught my daughter-in-law to quilt, and she loves it, so I'm sure she will take the best stuff.)
    3. My stack of finished quilt tops has grown faster than the money to LA quilt them.
    4. I love to write directions when seeing a photo of a pattern I love.
    5. I want to make most of the complicated quilts I see.
    6. I buy fewer and fewer quilt magazines. Why? Would take an essay!
    7. Love quilters' blogs and quilt related fiction.
    8. A good day includes both sewing and reading.

  57. 1. I have never quilted on a machine.
    2. I love fabrics and never have a project in mind when purchasing.
    3. I love patchwork quilts much more than a design patterned quilt.
    4. I recently discovered spray adhesive for putting a quilt together. Life Changer!

  58. I share 7 of 10 of your list:
    • I rarely pin (and sometimes sew over them)
    • I love my steam iron
    • I buy fabric wherever I find it and love to find discounted fabric
    • I don't think I ever pin borders from the middle–is that a quilting rule I never learned :-)
    • I sometimes buy books and commercial patterns to support the authors, but if I want to make things I see, I usually design my own version of the pattern.

  59. 1. I sew over pins - carefully!
    2. I never pay full price for fabric. If I see it online and LOVE it, I search around online until I find it at a good price.
    3. And if I buy the fabric online, I HAVE to buy enough to make use of the shipping I'm being charged. I won't just buy 2 yards of fabric and pay for priority mail. I'll buy all that they will let me fit in that envelope. Can't waste shipping $$ !
    4. In addition to being a fabriholic, I'm a bookaholic and a patternaholic .... but the patterns are mostly for things I can use in craft fairs, like stuffed animals, tote bags, etc. I also never pay full price for those, either.
    5. Speaking of tote bags, I'm also a bagaholic. I had to buy a separate independent computer hard drive just to hold my patterns (and my music)! :-)
    6. I've never gotten a quilt all the way 100% complete. Got lots of ideas, though.
    7. I usually iron ..... with steam and starch!
    8. My sewing room right now is stacked to the ceiling with boxes and totes. I moved from one state to another ... THREE years ago! (But in my defense, I've moved twice in those three years.) :-)

    Thanks for the fun!!

  60. 1. You can't sit in my living room because every surface is covered with fabric, UFO's, etc.
    2. I spray baste.
    3. Patricia Waters (commenter above) is my new hero.
    4. My points don't always match and frequently get cut off.
    5. I have finally learned to say no to friends who try to foist off their scraps and UFO's on me.

  61. 1. I have never followed a pattern all the way through. I improvise.
    2. I've been known to fudge the binding when I run out of fabric
    3. I iron my seams open
    4. I look down at my nose at quilts with glued on embellishments

  62. Whoops, I'm having trouble posting, Take 3.....What a great topic! I have enjoyed reading all of everyone's dirty little quilting secrets. Here are some of mine.
    1. I don't pin unless I absolutely have to.
    2. I sometimes don't iron until the entire quilt top is done.
    3. My 10' by 15' sewing room is overflowing with fabric, enough for at least a few more lifetimes.
    4. There is only the semblance of a path through the sewing room and my cutting table is so cluttered I have to clean it first before I can work. Both are due to the overflowing fabric issue.
    5. Right now, there are at least 20 + quilt tops waiting to be finished in there someplace.
    6. I stopped buying fabric at Joann's due to the ever-rising prices. I have found the quilt shop prices to be more reasonable.
    7. I rarely buy fabric with a specific project in mind.
    8. I would love to find a partner and start a quilt making business, one that loves the sandwich making, quilting part of the process.

  63. I'm also having trouble getting a post to go through. I have a lot of quilting "shortcuts" similar to yours. I rarely pin, I cut through way too many layers of fabric at a time, I don't change my needles or rotary blades as often as I should, I ignore the rules of color, and I've been known to really stretch one piece to make it fit another. (I should check my 1/4 inch seam allowance BEFORE sewing the whole block together!

  64. 1) I always sew over pins, if in fact I remember to use them.
    2) I prewash everything, regardless of size.
    3) I have had a quilt in progress for years.
    4) I often measure once and then cut, curse and have to remeasure(and recut).

  65. 1. I pin because I'd rather pin than unsew, but I am more likely to finger press small seams than walk to the ironing board.
    2. I buy fabric because I love it, not for projects. I hate going back for something only to find out that it's gone. I've been known to mix designers and fabric types on one quilt.
    3. I shop chains and quilt shops and on line but I refuse to spend money at WalMart, I just don't like their business practices. Call me a snob, but that's how I feel.
    4. My sewing room is usually in disarray, because if I clean up I forget where I put things. I've been known to have doubles of things because I couldn't find the first one.
    5. I love sewing books and patterns as much as I do fabric so I have lots of both. I have sometimes spent more time looking through patterns for something to make than it takes to finish the project!
    6. Once I've done the flimsy I feel like my part is done. I actually don't care whether I finish something unless it's for someone else. If I really need it quilted I'll pay someone to do it, although if I had a long arm machine I might change my mind on that.
    7. I resist sewing for money because that would be too much like work. I'd rather give my projects away than sell them. And I give away more than I keep.
    8. I can't throw small pieces away. I save anything that's bigger than 2 inches square, I use skinny strips to tie up packages and plants, it hurts me to toss more than the fumes that are left after projects, but I draw the line at saving scraps of thread!
    9. Actually, I don't feel a bit guilty about any of it...

    1. #6 -- I, too, can live with quilts at the flimsy stage for a long time.

  66. 1. I often use a 100% cotton sheet in good shape from the thrift store for a quilt backing.
    2. I have used flannel sheets from the thrift store as batting.
    3. I don't often clip my leader threads
    4. I don't understand why there is a separate category of quilts called "modern".
    5. I don't understand why anyone would by precuts, jellyrolls, layer cakes or charms
    6. I think it's okay to mix novelties, geometrics, florals and more noveltes in a quilt.
    7. My fabric is stored in piles I can always see and not in bins, boxes, tubs, bags, etc.
    8. I rarely pre-wash fabrics
    9. Swappers who can't get their swap items in the mail on time irritate me.
    10. I usually buy 1/2 yards of fabrics I like on sale with no particular project in mind at time of purchase (see "piles" #7)

    1. Another thrift-sheet-user! I don't use precuts, either....I create postcuts from my stash. I like stash on open shelves, too. Out of sight, out of mind.

  67. Love reading these secrets. Here are a few of mine:
    1. I throw away scraps smaller than 2.5" even though I know they have paper piecing potential.
    2. I own four sewing machines and a third of an embroidery machine (co-own with my sisters)
    3. I'm too cheap to quilt by check. I love all the fancy long-arm quilting designs but settle for stich-in-the-ditch, outlining and some basic free motion quilting.
    4. I save patterns from quilting magazines, organize them in binders with sheet protectors, and keep track in a spreadsheet -- 590 so far!
    5. I keep track of my UFOs on a spreadsheet -- 35 as of today.
    6. I keep a journal of all my quilts that includes pictures, fabric swatches, and thank you notes from the recipients.
    7. My scraps are organized in light/medium/dark bins. All my fabric is folded up and organized by color value, designer, or type (e.g., novelty)
    8. My stash is available to all my family and friends and I love encouraging new quilters to explore.

  68. Great idea....confessions... If we write down our confessions, it means we are absolved and an continue on! ha ha
    1. I have a huge laundry basket full of scraps all different sizes because I feel guilt at throwing them out
    2. I love Babylock machines and do not own an embroidery machine. I feel I have enough to do with a sewing machine!
    3. I don't usually pin
    4. I hate math and will "fudge" what I can
    5. I never wash fabrics
    6. I do not belong to the Quilt Police and will overlook little mistakes with huge guilt
    7. I'm a closet fabric hoarder and never have "enough"
    8. I buy online even though I don't have an immediate use for it
    9. I have been holding back my favorite fabric because it's too pretty to cut into
    10. I feel horrible guilt if I don't hand-sew my binding on.

  69. Ruth Cook
    1.I buy material at yard sales.
    2. I also buy material at Walmart.
    3 I also sew over pins.
    4. I only pin when I have to.
    5. I don't like to piece. I'd rather quilt.
    6. I love percale sheets for backing. Or any sheets that have that smooth cool feel.
    7. I've never made two blocks the same size. That's why I hate piecing.
    8. I do quilt for money. I figure if I have to work, I should at least be able to do something I love. Then it doesn't feel like work.
    9.I want to make an art quilt someday. But first I have a dozen quilts to make for kids, grand kids and great grand kids.
    10. I will never die because I have too many quilts to make first.
    11. I hope heaven has a top of the line long arm computerized quilting machine so I can spend eternity quilting.
    12. I love my Singer 201. She's older than I am and in better shape. And works better too. :)
    13 I love traditional quilts but Art and Modern quilts are lovely too.

  70. I forgot to mention that I'm a long arm quilter.

  71. I love to buy material from Walmart and JoAnn's.
    I allow my cat to sleep next to me while I sew.
    I listen to classical music while sewing.
    I feel quilty if I don't prewash my material.
    I am trying desparately to finish a quilt for "Quilts for Valor" but life keeps getting in the way.
    I want to enter a quilt in the local fair someday.
    I would love to learn how to quilt.
    My dream is to retire and visit a quilt shop in every state of the United States and Europe if possible.

    1. Do you need an email address?

  72. I sew over pins (slowly), I dont cut the thread when SITD when moving from one thing to another, I don't prewash unless it's red, blk or drk brown, I sometimes Iron too instead of pressing.

  73. I. I've never been on a quilt retreat. 2. I'm really picky about the pins I use. 3. I sometimes use cheap toilet paper as stabilizer for appliques. 4. I'd rather make 6 new projects than do mending.

    1. #4 -- "Asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso to paint your garage."

  74. My seam ripper is my best friend, and I don't like it! I never prewash my fabric. I keep every scrap of fabric. I organize my quilt room every few months. Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. I need a book on CD
    I take my sick husband on a "drive" and end up at a quilt store (ok he's mostly better now)
    I lie to myself when I say I won't buy more until I use what I have
    I need to win the lottery ticket to quit work and quilt more but don't buy tickets.

    I resemble most of everyones comments

    1. I "read with my ears" as I sew, too.

  76. You sound like my kind of quilter!!! don't tell the quilt police ;)

    1. I also bind 100% by machine, but I do do the mitered corners, they aren't always pretty (the corners)
    2. I buy fabric at Jo-Ann's also. BUT only if it's on sale. They do actually have some quality stuff.
    3. I dislike paying full price, but will at quilt shops because I like to help local businesses.
    4. If I find a pattern I like I will also try to recreate it. If you go to my journal and see my turtle quilt, that is very similar (but not the same) as the ones that one of the quilting magazines came out with.

  77. 1. I ALWAYS prewash - there was an incident.
    2. I keep all scraps of fabric, and take boxes to retreats to bring home other quilters cast offs. It bothers me when I see 5 inch strips of perfectly good fabric mixed with banana peels in the garbage cans.
    3. I've sewn my finger - but I didn't get any blood on my project. The men in the house with me at the time were absolutely no help either.
    4. I really like to organize my fabric, it is all on mini bolts or stacked by color for large pieces. The smaller pieces are sorted by size in tubs.
    5. I've decided that I really like the 'process' part of quilting (or crafting) and is more important to me than the 'product' part. I will abandon a WIP to learn or figure out a new technique or pattern. This results in many UFOs - but I eventually work the UFOs back into the rotation.
    6. I dislike putting the borders on quilts - choosing the fabric, cutting, measuring, least favorite part. On the other hand I like hand sewing the binding, spending some quality time with an almost completed project is enjoyable to me.
    7. I like to make scrap quilts - and I have figured out it is because choosing fabrics is difficult for me - don't get me wrong, I LOVE to buy fabric and have lots of it that I will never live long enough to use. Choosing fabrics for a quilt is way different than buying fabric because I like it!

    8. This is a GREAT topic and I like everyone's comments. Thanks for the chance to win! Sherry

  78. I love these comments.
    1. I am a fabric Moda, Robert Kaufman, Art Gallery, etc. Certain designers like Kate Spain, Kafe Fasset,., etc.
    2. I hide my purchases from my hubby. Don't know why. Just don't want to hear hubby talk like "don't you have enough fabric."
    3. I share patterns with friends. I bought it, it's mine. I buy one and my friend will buy a different one she'll share. Makes us both happy.
    4. I never follow a pattern 100%. I like to put my own creative spin on it.
    5. I love Aurifil and Warm and Natural. Anything else won't do.
    6. I cut toward me. I'm left handed, left quilter. What can I say?
    7. My area is a disaster but before I sew I straighten my room.
    8. I wiggle out of housework and cooking every chance I can and never feel guilty when I sew.
    9. I pay for binding. I hate hand sewing.
    10. Bought a Featherweight I'm not even sure I want. Why? Just because and haven't told my hubby.

  79. 1. I can't follow directions. At least not all the way through. Somewhere halfway through a project I'll start trying to figure out a shortcut. Which takes longer than the original directions.
    2. Bias? What's that?
    3. I quilt fast as I can. Pedal to the metal! Hoping BERNINA will invent a warp speed.
    4. Hand stitching? What is that? Not fast enough.
    5. I recently cut up one of my pillowcases. It was the perfect shade of orange for the baby quilt I was working on.
    6. It's excruciating for me to decide what fabric to pull out of my stash to use for warm up quilt sandwiches. I always think I might need that particular shade for my next quilt. Why waste it.

    1. And I actually have a particular fabric that you've used in one of your quilts, Carla (tan paisley w/ a teensy bit of turquoise). Every time I get it out I think I might be able to use it in something as magnificent as I put it back.

  80. I am a fabric hoarder. I see usefulness in even small pieces.
    I have about 30 UFO's. An keep thinking of new patterns.
    I sew over pins too often.
    I am known as the scrap disposal unit for our group. Quilters save their scraps for me.

  81. I buy fabric at JoAnn's
    I buy fabric because I like it, only occasionally for a specific project.
    I do not miter my corners
    I only pin my piecing when I need corners to match
    I iron more than press
    I do not prewash
    I use old sheets as backing sometimes
    I buy on sale only
    I hoard fat quarters
    I still haven't figured out bias

  82. I buy way too much fabric.
    I pick through trashbags for scraps at quilt meetings.
    I am embarresed to show my new stuff to my girlfriend who is downsizing. She kind of scolds me....:)
    I save my jellyrolls, can't open them up, they are too pretty.
    My sewing table is so full of stuff that I sew in another room. Gives me some excercise walking back and forth. Have to be grateful for the little things!
    I start new projects all the time.
    I have sooo many UFOs
    And I have fun so I don't care!

  83. Great topic!
    My quilty secrets are:
    1) I use steam!
    2) I don't tell hubby how much I spend on fabric.
    3) I don't prewash unless it's red or very dark fabric.
    4) I have more fabric than I can ever use in this lifetime!

  84. Oh my...I am just dying laughing at all these comments...I would love to have coffee with you all & share our "secrets" together, as I am of the same cloth so to speak! Here goes:
    1. When I buy fabric I hide most of my purchases in the trunk until I know I can take it secretly to my sewing room. If hubby wants to see what I got, I show him the little token package of thread.
    2. I hide some of my finished tops on hangers in the kids' closets or under their beds.
    3. I start a new project almost every week...I probably have at least 50 UFO's, not counting tops waiting to be quilted, which are probably another 150.
    4. I have started at least 10 mystery quilts that have never been solved. But I still go to mystery classes.
    5. I go through irons like nobody's business. I iron everything & like lots of steam so they wear out fast. It is on about 6-8 hours a day, since I sew most every day. I hide the new iron box from my husband so he doesn't know I got another new one.
    6. I pin everything, all the time, and although I usually don't sew over pins, it is always my luck that when I do, I break a needle.
    7. If my husband is out of town, I will sew all day & late into the supper will be peanut butter from the jar.
    8. When my husband is home, we will sometimes have cereal for supper because I have been too busy sewing.
    9. My husband & I took up walking for our reason is so I will live longer to use up my fabric. I am hoping to be caught up when I reach 175 yrs. old.
    10. I will not buy see-through bins for my fabric so my husband can see how much I have, although I wonder what he thinks are in the stacks of bins in my sewing room...
    11. I wear my slippers when I sew. I have not vacuumed in my sewing room for over a year. My slippers are now covered with threads. It is easier to pick off the threads than to vacuum.
    12. I can't believe how easy it was to come up with all these comments...I could write more but I won't!

  85. 1. I have been quilting for 35 years now and I never get tired of it.
    2. I love making scrap quilts but it started because I didn't have the money to buy material.
    3. I only pin my pieces when I need the corners to match.
    4. I like to sew my tops with the sewing machine but I always quilt by hand.
    5, I never could afford a frame so I lap quilt. And now that I can buy one I don't even want one.
    6. Quilting is my favorite form of art because you can use the same pattern but it can come out looking so different each time.
    7. I love teaching people how to quilting because they are amazed at how easy it is.
    8. I have a pet peeve about seeing someone take a quilt to the beach or picnics and destroying it. To me quilts are made for beds not the ground.

  86. 1. I pin everything, all the time and sew over them some of the time
    2. I don't prewash unless it's red, black or navy blue
    3. My quilty friends know I'm a scrap quilter. I receive gifts of scraps. I love it!
    4. My stash consists of stuff that other people would trash.
    5. I have a longarm that I'm afraid of!
    6. I rarely buy yardage but I have shelves of kits.
    7. I iron & use steam
    8. I enter give-aways often hoping for that special one time win!
    9. I have a thread fetish. I usually use only white or gray but I have 2 drawers of pretty colors
    10. I love notions

  87. Hi. 1. My first confession is that I love FABRIC. I am a hoarder.
    2. I love to take classes and to learn new techniques. But I must confess; I rarely finish a project. I guess I bite off more than I can do in class and take the project home with good intentions of finishing it. Every now and then I pull it out and work a bit more..hoping I remember what the teach said and taught.
    3.I love to teach my niece what I know.. of course at 10 she knows a lot more than I do. (per her). I let her go thru my stash of fabric hoping she doesn't pick out my favorites...(which are all of them) to make something with hopes that she doesn't take my favorites. She is very creative.
    4. I love the new machines that come out and want to purchase all of them. You never have enough sewing machines to make your quilts.
    5. I also love the bright colors; very cheerful.
    there is a ton of stuff to learn and not enough hours in the day to learn them.
    Thank you.

  88. 1. I like pins but not always
    2. I'm not a member of the Quilt Police
    3. I won't pay full price for any fabric
    4. I have bought the same book twice
    5. Some quilters over quilt and make me crazy
    6. My quilts are Bright and I like them that way.
    7. If you don't send me a Thank-you card you will never get another quilt from me

  89. Liking your confessions, I have a few of the same..
    1. Never buy anything full price..has to be on sale
    2. I iron with steam
    3. I rarely pre wash..only reds & darks.
    4. I never pin borders from the middle.
    5. I never make biased bindings......I could go on & on.

  90. Ah!
    1. I save all my old rotary cutter blades, "just in case"...
    2. I hide my UFO's in boxes in the closet, so they don't pester me.
    3. I keep instructions for things like fast flying geese and quarter-square triangles under my cutting mat.
    4. I fret if my seams don't line up or a point might be cut off.
    5. If I made quilts using only the fabrics now in my stash, I could make enough quilts to blanket the whole town.
    6. I have 5 sewing machines. I use 1.
    7. It is much more fun sewing when my dog joins me in the sewing room.

    1. Consider trading your old blades in for new ones at LP Sharp.

    2. 1) I love reading all these confessions. Makes me feel better about my addiction. 2) I follow Bonnie Hunter a lot and have learned a lot from her. 3) I think I have only finished 2 quilts but several tops in the past 15 years. 4) I need to slow down with life so I can find the time to do what I want QUILT

  91. This is the most interesting comment thread I've read in a long time! 1. I don't buy fabric, I use scraps, old clothes and fabric given to me. This developed out of necessity (I would buy it if I had the money!), but I like the challenge that comes from the limits it imposes. 2. I don't trim my blocks. 3. I don't care if the fabric is %100 cotton. 4. I don't sew for people who would not recognize the time involved as the the real gift (except my children!) :) 5. I don't like rotary cutters and cut everything with scissors. 6. I also don't pin, and I stretch things to fit (gasp!). 7. I have one old metal machine with a normal foot that I use to do everything on, including free motion quilting. 8. I use old sheets for backing and have sucessfully hand quilted through them. 9. When I first started quilting I didn't know there was special thread for hand quilting, so I used regular sewing thread, pulled against a beeswax candle -- now I use hand quilting thread, and it works better. :)

  92. My Confessions:
    1: I sometime over organize, i.e., taking pictures of my stash, putting it in tubs according to color and I love to smell fabric.
    2: I also over buy, I figure if I like it I will eventually use it. Although my husband was shocked when he was moving the fabric tubs. (He should be stronger LOL)
    3. I have a tendency to change a pattern and go off on my own ideas. I take panels and book panels and add my own blocks to make it even out.
    4 I buy so much fabric, when I can on sale, I actually buy so much online that the UPS delivery man always brings a bone for my dog, he gets excited when he comes that he has to meet him before I do.
    5: I do suffer from MS and Neuropathy, but when I’m sewing I forget my pain and forget the time also. And I try not to use pins when I don’t have to, I don’t have time always want to finish to start another one.
    6 I have a notebook, well a few notebook of ideas and when I start a quilt, I’m afraid I may want to change something so I do just what I need to do and make sure I’m happy with it.
    7. I’m afraid someone will see my errors, and my husband solved that by showing me 2 store bought quilts and wow, the mistakes were many.
    8 , I know some people are addicted to pinterest, I’m addicted to the Fab Shop Hop. I can’t keep myself from wandering off into the shop area.
    9. I always worry when I give someone a quilt if they will like it; then It really makes me feel good when they open it and it was unexpected and they are happy, my Granddaughter opened up her Boyd’s Bears quilt on her 1st birthday and just laid down with it, and wanted to rest before opening any other gifts. Not a guilty confession but that what make me want to quilt - that joy as well as all of us, I’m sure.

  93. Quilty confessions huh? Let's see.

    1. I buy my fabric at JoAnn's, of course that has to do with it being the only place in our town to buy it. :)
    2. I wing it half the time, doing what I assume it means until I learn different. Like ironing instead of pressing.
    3. I am a kit addict and have yet to finish one.
    4. I can barely sew a straight line. (although I'm getting better lol)

    Email is tiffany (at) thecraftyhome (dot) net

  94. Oh, I am rolling on the floor laughing....and agreeing with almost everything everyone wrote! Me too, me too. 1) I discourage anyone in my family from buying any clothes that are not 100% cotton because I want to cut them up when they are outgrown or are stained/torn/worn out. 2) My brothers-in-law save their beautiful dress shirts and any cotton pants/shorts for me to cut up and use in my quilts. 3) I talk and think about quilting everyday but really don't get that much done (life interferes) 4) When someone asks what I do, I say I'm a quilter because that is what I REALLY want to be. 5) I have 9 old sewing machines...all Singers except for an Elna 62C....newest machine was my college grad present in computerized machines altho I would like to try one 6) I am a Bonnie Hunter-wanna be. Any time I get to stay in a hotel by myself, i take my sewing machine and scraps and am blissfully happy. 7)I am a fabricaholic and would loovee to win your drawing. 8) I sneak any new fabric into the house when no one is home. 9) I love to make scrappy quilts. That's all I do, scrappy. 10) I adore and use my Singer 66 treadle that belonged to my great aunts, Aunt Sallie and Nannie. 11) Oh, I could go on and on....maybe we should meet for coffee.....

    1. Do you have any good stories about Aunt Sallie and Aunt Nannie?

    2. Email is jspwarren at aoldotcom.....forgot to add that!
      Yes! Aunt Sallie and Nannie sewed all their clothes and my mother's clothes. They also made scrappy quilts. They are beautiful! My family owns all the quilts they made (that still exist). At the top of my bucket list is to write a book featuring their quilts. I need to get busy. They are string quilts, log cabin quilts, and courthouse step quilts. They even made two scrappy corduroy quilts for my brother and me when we were babies. (They are lap mother would put them on the floor for us to lay/play on when we were babies.) They are still in excellent condition.

  95. ohhh, confession time! lol. 1. i sometimes mix fabrics i have washed with fabrics that haven't been washed. 2. i have hidden fabric in my trunk until my husband wasn't home to bring it secretly into the house. 3. i have bought fabric by the bolt. 4. when my kids wanted to move back home, and i had taken over their rooms for sewing, one of them had to sleep on a bed in the basement near the water heater and another in the garden shed! (it was summer and the shed had air conditioning, so don't think i'm horrible, please!) lol.

  96. I don't pin. I shop at Hancock. I quilt in bathroom floor. Items I make come from my 'in law' when gifted to others

  97. I always sew over pins. I never pre-wash - how are you going to prewash a charm pack anyway? I always iron with steam and starch. I hate the color brown, and I hate civil war, ditsy little dark florals and such. The brighter the better! Thanks for the give away!

  98. 1. I am a terrible piecer and usually make quilts in which you cannot easily finds flaws. 2. I love small pieces and have yet to make something with pieces larger than 4". 3. I glue baste!!! Eek! say many quilters. Hey, my fabric moves and I get dissatisfied with my intersections. Using glue keeps everything put and it washes out. So there. ;-D 4. I use a spray bottle more than the steam from my iron. 5. I don't like to use yellow, green, or brown fabrics. Ok, I'm trying. My current quilt has yellow and green in it but no brown. 6. It is impossible for me to brouse in a quilt store. bill_cheryl_holman at yahoo dot com.

  99. I rarely pin and when I do I sew over them, I buy my supplies at joanns, sometimes I spend too much time looking at quilting blogs and pretty fabrics online and waste time I could have used for actual sewing, I am constantly getting ahead of myself dreaming of and even starting new projects before the old ones are finished.


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