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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baptist Fans

#LC-RF-906 is the Good Shepherd religious hand fan.On Monday I went to a memorial service for a neighbor . He passed away suddenly last week. (He was just 72, which these days seems young (since my husband is older than that)). The weather was hot and so humid it could be cut with a knife. The church was not air conditioned. The funeral home provided old-fashioned fans stapled to sticks.
I thought about bringing one home and using it as a quilting pattern, but I didn't since the fan was shaped like this one.   In fact, the funeral home may have ordered the fans from this company.
I have never used the Baptist Fan quilting pattern.  It's one of those that I'd like to master get good at sewing by machine. 

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  1. So sorry that you've lost your friend and neighbor and had to endure the stifling heat during the services. Mary Johnson's site for has some instructions for Baptist Fans on a DSM.


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