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Monday, June 16, 2014

DWM: Acquisitions

796.42 is the Dewey # for running
Where did the week go?  I need to look at my planner to remember! Woman's Club board meeting Monday evening, AAUW summer luncheon Tuesday, a long-overdue visit to the attorney to update my trust on Wednesday, Chamber of Commerce committee lunch and Rotary installation dinner on Thursday, *nothing* on Friday, the Reading Run on Saturday morning (I didn't run; I emceed the awards) and the Chicago Bowdoin Club's annual lobster boil on Saturday afternoon.   

I woke up in a swivet on Sunday realizing that I had two audio reviews due to Library Journal two weeks ago, a column for the Zion-Benton News due on Tuesday, and two book reviews for a program at the ALA Annual Conference at the end of June.  I am pleased to report that the LJ reviews and the ZBNews column are in and the ALA reviews are underway.

T-shirt quilt #1 is finished -- quilted and bound. T-shirt quilt #2 is set, basted, and half-quilted.  Hooray!

This was a week of fabric acquisition rather than use. 

On my way back from the attorney's office I stopped at Hancock Fabrics. I bought these Indonesian batiks on clearance (50% off).

When I got home I found that the Whatchagot Box arrived. Joan in Indiana sent this wonderful assortment of fabric and patterns. Thank you!

Batting is 40% off at Joann's.  I decided to buy an entire bolt of Warm & Natural (40 yards) -- three $25 gift cards and the sale would save a lot.  After the clerk rang up the purchase she gave me a 30% off coupon because I'd spent more than  $50. I got to thinking: batting would be on sale after the promo. If I returned the batting and spent $50 on something else then I'd have sale price + gift cards + 30% off --- another $90 savings on that batting.  The clerk processed the return and put my name on the bolt (so no one else would buy it).  I bought some thread and these 50%-off-Red Tag bargains [that's $2.50/yd] to total $50.00.

 I went back to Joann's on Sunday to get the batting.  Now I am well-supplied.
[List price with tax: $632.57.  After the sale and the 30% coupon, plus tax: $265.56. I saved $367.01.]

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers at Judy's  Patchwork Times


  1. Wow way to shop!! That's a great deal on that warm and natural, awesome!

  2. What a deal. I like having lots of batting hanging around the studio. I usually have a roll of something cotton and packaged batts when I can get super deals at JoAnns. I think I need to make a trip to Hancocks to look at those batiks.

  3. Holy Carp, Batman! What a deal, you did awesome on that Warm & Natural!

  4. shrewd buying nann...i snagged some bargains on the red tag table myself...2 prs summer pjs and flannel for lounge pants, total about $11....and i LOVE those batiks!

  5. I thought I was busy. LOL I have been real good about Fabric binges until this past week end. I bought way too much but I couldn't help myself.. I haven't blogged about it yet but I definitely had fun.
    You have a great week


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