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Monday, May 5, 2014

Today's bargains

I needed to get a couple of greeting cards at the Hallmark store. I had a $2.00 rewards card coupon. It would have come in handy had it been with me rather than left on my desk at home. I bought the cards anyway. 

Then I went next door to the Salvation Army.  As I browsed among the women's clothing (you never know; there might be something nearly new and just the right size) a woman holding three sweaters said, "Can I ask you a question?"  It goes to show that even retired librarians have "ask me" invisibly tattooed on their foreheads. She wasn't asking a reference question, though; rather, she wanted to know which of the sweaters was the best color for her. I said, "You're a winter, so this is the best," pointing to the grey-taupe one (rather than the others which had yellower tints to beige). She understood just what I mean by "winter."  Do you remember when Color Me Beautiful was all the rage?  Skin tones and hair/eye colors were sorted by "season." Palettes for clothing, makeup, and jewelry were recommended for each season.  (For years I didn't wear anything black because I'm a "summer" and summers don't wear black.  Even now I won't wear anything black near my face. (Well, my wonderful winter hat is an exception.))  The woman explained that she buys sweaters, unravels them, and re-crochets them. She said, "I got a book from the library that show how to do it."

Our paths crossed a couple more times while we were shopping. I was able to show her what I picked off the textiles rack.  "See the batik?" I said. She admired it.

Here's what I got for $5.75.  The batik is on the left; then a yard, a FQ, and a 14" piece, and a never-used cashmere/silk shawl. In the back is a tablecloth made out of Provencal cotton.

 At home I unfolded the batik and looked at it closely. The sticker and the stamp mean it's genuine, all right.  See the narrow hem (just above the Batik Tjap stamp)? I suspected what it was and when I measured it -- 41 x 84 -- I knew.  it's a sarong. This one was never worn. I guess it was a souvenir.
Here's a good article that explains more about Indonesian sarongs: click here .

I don't know if I will see the re-crochet woman again. I hope she'll create something interesting just as I hope I'll be able to use today's bargains.

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  1. Great eye, great buys. My brother sent me a beautiful batik sarong he received in his retirement gift from his company's Indonesian plant. It's too pretty to cut. I had it out yesterday trying to decide what to do with it. It's back on the shelf.


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