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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The notecards are here!

The envelopes have the notecard image
In all the rush of activity last week I didn't get to post this news.  The AAUW notecards have arrived!

Like many organizations, AAUW sends packages of notecards to members and would-be supporters.  Though postal regulations state that the recipient is under no obligation to pay for or return unsolicited merchandise, evidently such solicitations make enough money so that organizations keep doing it. 

Disappearing Four-Patch
Rather than reproducing famous paintings or publishing landscape photos, AAUW invites members to enter pictures of their original artwork. Any medium is welcome.  The pictures are posted on the AAUW website. Members can vote for up to six, once a week, from February 1-28.  The six top vote-getters become the notecards for the year. 

It's partly a matter of good art, and it's partly a matter of getting members to vote for your entry.  I entered two quilts:  Disappearing Four-Patch, a 30 x 20 wallhanging I made in 2012, and Dot's Enough, a lap quilt I made in 2010.   I put the pictures on my Facebook page, on the Waukegan Area Branch Facebook page, and on the AAUW-IL Facebook page. I emailed Illinois branch presidents and asked them to tell their members.   Disappearing Four-Patch won! 

The back of the notecard
Cards are distributed only through the fundraising program. They are not available individually, though I was told I'll get a package of two dozen of my card. (As of this writing I haven't gotten them yet.)   If you are on the mailing list and get a packet of cards, I hope you'll send a check to AAUW Funds.  You'll help break through barriers for all women and girls!
P.S. Here's my other entry. 

Dot's Enough! (2010)

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  1. Wheeeee! You are a big winner and I love the cards, they are beautiful!


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