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Sunday, April 20, 2014

DWM: Easter, with some finishes

What a lovely Easter weekend we had!  The Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services were solemn and meaningful.  The Saturday in between always seems awkward -- everyday life continues as though we hadn't just commemorated one of the saddest days in history. And then glorious Easter -- the sun shone, the temperatures were warm.  The men of the church served eggs, pancakes, and sausage at 7:30.  We live just a block from the church so it was no problem for us to go home, read the newspaper, then change and return for the 10:30 service. 

Our Easter dinner was traditional.   My husband cooked the lamb, asparagus, and new potatoes.  I tried a new recipe for dessert: Rhubarb Frangipane PieI looked up frangipane, which is one of those words I've read but would have been hard pressed to define precisely.  "Late 17th century: from French, named after the Marquis Muzio Frangipani (see frangipani). The term originally denoted the frangipani shrub or tree, the perfume of which is said to have been used to flavor the almond cream." 

On to quilting!

I finished Lakeside Sunset -- quilted and bound.  (Thank you, Lori in South Dakota, for providing the name.)   It used about 8-1/2 yards in all.

Straight-line quilting

I also started and finished the favors I will take to Australia next month for the Magpies' biennial in-person meetup. It is a smaller group than in previous years (here and here .... I never did post the group picture from 2012 in California).  These are 6 x 9 mug rugs (or wallhangings).  The quilt block is Birds in the Air.

In progress: dots-and-dashes Churndash blocks.  This is the second batch that the Blockswappers will exchange.

See what's going on in other sewing rooms at Judy's Patchwork Times .


  1. Oh my! Lakeside Sunset took my breath away!!! Love all that color and movement :) And your favors are just the cutest ever! How clever to put a bird on top of Birds in the Air blocks!!!

  2. What fun! Love the mug rugs and hope the trip is great.

  3. Great finishes, Nann! That orange batik really pops in the Lakeside Sunset and what practical quilting, too. A super quilt all around!

  4. Great decision with the alternative blocks in the sunset quilt. How wonderful to have finishes!

  5. Busy lady. I can't wait until you retire and see how much you get done then! I learned frangipani when my daughter was at Indiana Univ. I don't know if it is the state bush/flower or the university's flower but it was prevalent in the area and was mentioned in a song lyric. I had to look it up too.

  6. Adding my voice to the others, Nann, Lakeside Sunset is just gorgeous! I love fabrics in alternating blocks that provide a lot of movement.


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