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Sunday, March 23, 2014

DWM: signs of spring plus stars and swaps

 Just a week ago the flowerbeds were still snow-covered. I ventured into the back yard for the first time in weeks and found the first crocus bud. This particular clutch of them is
near the clothes dryer vent.  Heat from the vent  heat may encourage them.  

Everyone is eager for spring.  We have had SUCH a cold and snowy winter (third-highest total snowfall ever).  Each morning the cardinals melodiously declare their territory. We see both males and females flying from tree to tree. There are also woodpeckers drilling away, loudly.  

On the left are thirteen stacks of blocks sent by  participants in the "dots and dashes" swap which I coordinated on behlf of the Block Swappers.  Everyone sent great combinations of polka dot and striped fabric.

On the right are the blocks I got with the addition of extras that several people sent as gifts (thank you!) and extras that I made.

My sewing time this week was devoted to DGD's high school graduation quilt. Her mother said she likes animal prints, which are not a print I have heretofore intentionally acquired. Thus it's been interesting to see how many I had in my stash.  I've also purchased a bunch. (Shopping with a purpose!)

The pattern may look familiar. It's Bonnie Hunter's  Random Ohio Stars . I made it earlier this year for Steelers Stars .  I thought I'd try it with a different block.

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times .


  1. Like those random Ohio star blocks. We're seeing signs of spring here too. No crocus but several sunny locations near us have daffodils in full bloom. And, the forsythia are trying to be bright and yellow. Tomorrow will be gloomy and rainy again. Sigh. I think we'll skip spring and end up in the dead of summer with temps well in the 90's. Yuck.

  2. nice quilts as usual nann but the best sight is of the crocus buds...LOL


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