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Monday, October 7, 2013

DWM: a scrappy gift, guild haul, and something new

When I arrived at the Northern Lake County Quilters Guild meeting on Wednesday Lynn thrust a bag into my hands.  "I thought you'd like these scraps!" she said.  Well, sure!  Here's the photo (at home).

In my capacity as guild president I receive the emails sent to "info @"  A woman who lives near the Antioch Township Center, where the guild meets, wrote to say that her mother-in-law had passed away. She'd been a quilter, and they'd like to donate what was left in her stash to someone who could use it.  Would NLCQG be interested?  I said we'd be happy to take it.  The woman and her husband were right on time Wednesday evening with UFOs on hangers and about a dozen boxes filled with fabric and magazines.  I put out a basket for a free-will offering and NLCQG members rootled away.  (It's a good thing that our meeting place is big because the program presenters brought their *new* fabric to sell.  They were at one end of the room and the freebies were at the other end.) 

What I brought home
What I kept
There were four boxes of magazines, a box of fabric, and a box of batting left over.  Another person took the magazines and I said I'd sort out the fabric remnants.  I took a box to Salvation Army. Here's what I kept.   The teal and blue pieces on the left are bottom-weight -- good for totebags. The stack on the right is quilting cotton.  [The free-will offering was $92! I'll throw in a couple of bucks additional for these left-over leftovers.]

Here's the Design Wall story this week.  I have temporarily given up on the apple blocks (posted the past two weeks) because the 5 x 8 blocks aren't compatible with either the 8 x 8 or the 9 x 9 border blocks I had in mind.  I don't need to frustrate myself! 

I've had it in mind that I would make this quilt from this book.  
The 25-patch blocks and the framed 9-patch blocks with 1.5" postage-stamp squares were leader-and-ender projects for a while. Evelyn's version uses one red and one tan for the setting. That's a lot of tan. 

I've Bonnie-fied the setting "geese" by string piecing them. The problem I created for myself is that Evelyn's geese are a variation -- the rectangles are 3.5x5.5 (unfin.) and the squares are just 3x3 (unfin.). That allows for 3.5" 9-patches in the corners and a little "float" to the geese.

My geese are the usual proportion - 3x5.5 (unfin) -- so they fit around the center section just fine, but the corners are just 2.5x2.5. Not big enough for those 9-patches. I will come up with something else! (Maybe a 4-patch out of neutrals?)  My design won't have the strong diagonal chain.  I'm using the same red print for all the blocks to provide some unity among the scrappiness.

See what other quiltemakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times. 
I made more blocks than I needed....easy to do with leaders & enders



  1. How nice that someone would make sure fabric went to folks who would appreciate it. It's a great way for others to add to their scraps/stash. This new quilt is coming along well. With the apples on the back burner, so to speak, perhaps your brain will come up with a new idea without you really trying. Have a great week.

  2. I love what Evelyn Sloppy creates / writes. I think it's great that you take a pattern and change it to meet your needs. It keeps the creativity flowing.

  3. You can always trim down the 4 patch blocks we swap and put them in the "holes". I love your interpretation and I really love her books. They are so creative for us scrappy gals.

  4. Love the term "Bonnie-fied" ,going to try and use when ever I can.


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